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**Requested by @KpopQueenaBee**
I hope you like it. I'm not sure why I had trouble with this one lol....


Daesung waited and waited until the perfect moment. He could no longer hear any noise from Youngbae and all the lights were off. It was time to make his move. He slowly crawled out of bed, careful not to make the mattress creak. He tip-toed over to his bedroom door and turned the knob slowly as possible. The latch had made a little click of course, he mentally told the knob to be quiet for that. He tip-toed again down the hallway of the apartment to the front door. This door would be way trickier to keep quiet.
It had multiple latches, one of which was a noisy chain. The first two were easy, just a normal door lock and a deadbolt, but that stupid chain always rattled. Daesung had to use both hands for the chain, one to unlatch it, one to hold the chain to keep it from making any noise. He breathed a sigh of relief as he slowly turned the door knob, relocking the normal lock on his way out.
Once he closed the door quietly as possible, which was difficult since the door had creaked a little and the chain threatened to rattle against the moving door, he took out his key from his sweatpants pocket and re-locked the deadbolt. He hoped Youngbae would not wake up in the middle of the night to see the chain un-hooked.
Once out of the apartment, he became normal. He no longer needed to tip-toe or open doors slowly. He casually made his way to his floor’s elevator, stepped inside and pushed the button that would take him one floor up. The elevator ride was short, as always. He exited the elevator and walked down the hall, his excitement for what was about to come rising with each step. He paused in front of his destination.
He knew what was behind that door, he knew what he was doing, but every time seemed different. It seemed that the more times he snuck out of the apartment, the more guilty yet excited he felt. He shouldn’t be doing this, he knew, but there was no other way but to go behind everyone elses back.
He reached out, slowly, and held the doorknob in his hand for a second before turning it. It was unlocked, as always. The apartment was pitch black aside from the glow of city lights coming from between the blinds of the window. He walked in and closed the door behind him, but before he could turn around, a presence was behind him. He gasped as he was forced to turn around and slammed against the door. A mouth was on his in less than a second. The kiss wasn’t gentle, it was full of lips, tongues, and teeth. It was a kiss derived from hunger and need.
“God. Damn. What took you so long?” Seunghyun breathed against Daesung’s mouth, kissing the younger again before giving him a chance to explain.
“Sorry,” Daesung broke the kiss slightly and breathed. “Youngbae hyung took extra long before going to sleep this time,” he kissed Seunghyun again, but let Seunghyun take control of the kiss easily. Seunghyun wasn’t a time waster, and already had his hand up the front of Daesung’s shirt and his mouth on Daesung’s neck before speaking again.
“I missed you, it’s been too long since we’ve been like this,” Seunghyun smiled and eagerly traced Daesung’s abs with his fingers, and Daesung giggled. Seunghyun knew that Daesung was ticklish in that area and had no problem pointing it out.
“Ahaha, s-stop,” Daesung paused to breathe. “How about we go into the bedroom?” he suggested playfully as he moved his own hands up the back of Seunghyun’s own shirt.
“Or I could just fuck you against the door,” Seunghyun whispered right into Daesung’s ear before licking the outer shell. Daesung gasped and moved his hands out of the inside of Seunghyun’s shirt to the front, pushing him gently.
“No, we did it once against the wall and the bruise on my back was purple for like two weeks!” Daesung whined.
Seunghyun sighed in defeat and took Daesung’s hand before leading them to his bedroom. Once there, Seunghyun let go of Daesung’s hand and shoved him on the bed playfully. Daesung landed on his back and looked back up in time to see Seunghyun taking his shirt off. Daesung decided to follow suit, but still was more clothed than Seunghyun. Daesung still had his sweatpants and boxers on and Seunghyun was already down to just his boxers.
Daesung stared at the man, he enjoyed not only Seunghyun’s colorful choice of boxers, but the way they were a little tight on him. Daesung didn’t think he was staring until Seunghyun gave a little cough.
“See something you like, Daedae?” Seunghyun smiled before turning full circle, which made Daesung laugh.
“Yeah, but I’d like it better if it was over here,” Daesung laid back a little, as an invitation.
“Nah, we don’t match,” Seunghyun looked down at Daesung’s sweatpants. Daesung took the hint and removed his sweatpants until he too was in his boxers.
“That’s better,” Seunghyun said before moving to crawl on top of Daesung and capturing his lips again. Seunghyun kissed Daesung hungrily as his hands again explored Daesung’s abs.
Seunghyun slowly moved his hands south until his fingers hooked under the top of Daesung’s boxers. He teased Daesung a little by moving his hands lower and higher, but never going too far. Daesung whined impatiently and broke the kiss.
“Hyung, please,” Daesung pleaded before moving his head forward, kissing up the side of Seunghyun’s face until he was at Seunghyun’s ear. “Touch me,” he whispered and whined again.
Daesung always did a good job at making Seunghyun do what he wanted him to do in these type of situations. With no futher prompting, Seunghyun’s hand reached inside and grabbed Daesung’s erection earning a moan directly into his ear.
“Fair is fair,” Seunghyun whispered, and that was all he had to say because Daesung immediately dipped his hand inside Seunghyun’s boxers to grab the older’s erection. They stroked each other like that, each giving out little gasps and moans into each other’s ear.
“Hyung, I need you,” Daesung moaned slightly and that was all Seunghyun needed to hear. Seunghyun quickly pushed Daesung till the younger was on his back and removed his boxers, tossing them across the room. He paused to remove and toss his own before reaching to the beside table to grab the lube. He quickly opened the small tube and drizzled some onto his fingers before placing them at Daesung’s entrance.
He paused to look up at Daesung who nodded, giving Seunghyun the go ahead. Seunghyun started with one finger, pushing slowly up to the first, then second knuckle. He grabbed and stroked Daesung’s hardness as he slowly pushed his finger in and out.
He then added a second finger and scissor and hooked both fingers until Daesung jumped a little with a moan. Seunghyun smiled and leaned forward to kiss Daesung chastely before sitting back and pulling his fingers out. He grabbed the lube again and drizzled some more on his hand before slicking up his own cock with it.
Seunghyun positioned himself at Daesung’s entrance before looking up at Daesung who nodded his approval again. He pushed forward slowly until he was buried to the hilt.
Daesung gasped at the sensation of being filled. Seunghyun paused, waiting for Daesung to adjust. He was given the OK to move when Daesung pushed his hips against Seunghyun. He first thrust slowly, gaining speed the more he pushed into Daesung. He leaned forward, planting a hand on one side of Daesung, the other lifting one of Daesung’s legs, hand hooked underneath the knee.
As Daesung’s hips were lifted, he hooked his other leg around Seunghyun’s upper waist. The slight change in angle gave Seunghyun better access and soon enough he hit that bundle of nerves inside Daesung that made the younger cry out.
“M-more, faster,” Daesung managed to say between his moans and Seunghyun’s thrusts. The older complied and soon was slamming into Daesung, hitting that sweet spot that made Daesung cry out every time. Seunghyun lowered himself to capture Daesung’s lips once again, but ended up kissing the side of his mouth as Daesung breathed and moaned against him.
Seunghyun reached in between them and grabbed Daesung’s erection, stroking it quickly. Daesung cried out one last time before he came between them, his body shuddering as Seunghyun fucked him through his orgasm until the older was also coming, letting out a grunt as he did.
Seunghyun lied on top of Daesung as both men tried to catch their breath. Seunghyun pulled out lazily and lied next to Daesung, who immediately curled up next to him and smiled. Seunghyun smiled as well and took a second to look into his lover’s eyes. They shared a moment of brief understanding of their feelings for each other, no words needed.
Daesung moved and lied down on Seunghyun’s chest as Seunghyun wrapped his arms around his lover. Seunghyun gently ran his fingers through Daesung’s hair as the younger drifted off to sleep. Seunghyun lied awake and wondered when he would be with Daesung like this again.
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