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26: Write a short message to each member.
I decided to do this a little differently. This is going to be kinda like a VIXX appreciation card. Please enjoy....
VIXX... My dearest VIXX, my loves, Hongbin, Hyuk, N, Ravi, Ken and Leo.. You guys have become a huge part of my world, you are teaching me so many things and giving me so much joy in life.
N, You are an amazing leader for this group, you were my first VIXX bias and I'll never ever forget that. You mean so much to me, N, you work so incredibly hard and you put so much time, passion, and dedication into the work you do and I appreciate that. N, your smile could light up the whole world... Don't you ever stop smiling. You are enough, N. You are worth so much. N fighting.
Hongbin, You are such a beautiful person inside and out, like the others, you care so much for us starlights, I appreciate that, you make it feel like a family, a group of friends I've always wanted but could never seem to get. Please keep smiling, I never want to see you without that smile. You are enough. You are worth so much. Hongbin fighting.
Ken, You never fail to bring a smile to my face no matter how I'm feeling. Your humor, your smile, your kind eyes.. Everything about you makes me feel like you're my best friend and that you're here for me. You may not physically be here but I know you're here.. Through music. Never ever let that smile disappear Kenjumma.You are enough. You are worth so much. Ken fighting.
Hyuk, You wonderful, adorable, loving little dork.. Your laugh makes me laugh, your smile makes me smile, and you never fail to impress me with your talents! You are the sweetest maknae and I wish I could hug you because I feel like a Hyuk hug could like.. End wars or something. Take care of yourself and you and the others don't work too hard please, your health matters more to us than anything. Keep on smiling maknae! You are enough. You are worth so much. Hyuk fighting.
Ravi, You impressed me with your unique voice.. It was beautiful when I first heard it and I don't think it will stop being beautiful. Your love for us starlights really helps me through the day because I always remember you guys care about us even if you don't know us. I'm so proud of everything you've done, and everything the group has done. You will continue to impress me every day. Please continue smiling that lovely smile Ravi. I love you and the others so much. You are enough. You are worth so much. Ravi fighting.
Leo, You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, you make me feel okay just by speaking, your voice alone is enough to calm me down when I'm afraid and weak.. I feel such a connection to you.. I'm like you in a few ways. You've shown me that people can love you no matter what, and I feel like I can really find people who truly care about me like VIXX cares about you. I love you Leo, and I always will. You make me smile when I have no hope and somehow you put the pieces back together. You're smile will never fail to light up my entire world and scare of my demons even if its for a short while.. Please never change Leo, I will support you and VIXX in everything you do. I am so beyond proud of you and the others. I wish I could just hug you and let you fit all these broken pieces back together. I love you so much. Leo.. You are enough. You are worth so much. Leo fighting.
I will stand with VIXX forever. I'm so beyond proud of them. I truly love these guys more than I could ever express.. Everything I just wrote doesn't even scratch the surface. I hope to one day see them in front of me and just see my beautiful lights. I feel safe when I hear them and see them and one day I hope to hear them and see them in front of me... One day.
Thank you VIXX for everything you've done and everything you will do. Your hard work and passion is enough. Thank you for encouraging me to do what I love and to keep going. Thank you for keeping me from breaking down in public and thank you for being here when I feel like I have no one. I love you all so much. One day, I will be able to tell you that.