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*this card might contain spoilers up to Ep 16 of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, but I plan to keep this discussion sort of general so if you've seen at least season 1 don't worry!*

So, it's pretty clear that Obi has feelings for Shirayuki.

I'm not saying that those feelings are romantic exactly, and I'm not sure if he knows hat they are, either. But Obi definitely cares deeply about Shirayuki, and not because he is in Zen's service, but because he has decided to protect her & be there for her.

Is it romantic?

I really don't think Obi even knows the answer.
Personally, I think he's not used to having someone like Shirayuki around - someone that cares about him & trusted him even when she (probably) shouldn't have. Does that men Obi loves her? In a way, sure, but I'm not sold on him being ROMANTICALLY in love with her.
When he feels so responsible for taking care of her because of his past & because of his position with Zen, isn't it natural to confuse feelings of gratitude & friendship for love if you're inexperienced?

Whether he is or not, I really just hope Shirayuki doesn't end up feeling guilty about it.

She's the type to take the blame for anyone's feelings being hurt, you know? But that wouldn't be fair. And I hope Obi doesn't end up getting hurt!!
ANYWAYS there's lots of exciting things besides this romantic quandary going on in the new season of Snow White with the Red Hair, so if you haven't caught up yet, I suggest you do!!!
Totally read it. He admitted it. :')
yep Obi has a crush to Shirakuyi :3
*Hasn't realized it yet*
@AimeBolanos I also hope it's more of a friend / sister love later!!! That still works for me & then everyone can be happy lol
@hikaymm honestly when obi first showed as a character I became a shirayuki x obi shipper even reading the mange there are so many ship moments but sadly I don't think it'll ever happen but I do think that obi loves shirayuki!
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