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Roomies with BTS?! Sign me up! Another fabulous screen shot game has fallen into my life again. Thanks to none other than the amazing @thePinkPrincess!
Roomies with Suga! Well we both love sleeping a little too much, but we're also both very sarcastic. So it could either be great or a total disaster. There's only one way to find out!
Every night, I hope?? I'm a fantastic cuddler so I can see why Kookie can't stay away ;)
Jiminie? Me? The Jibooty is...mine? :O We're around the same height so I don't know how I feel about that but who can resist that face??
Awkward! But we're both cool adults, I think. We can handle it without making things weird...?
Surprised he's not my man because he's always the bae in these things, but we have a lot of common so it makes sense we'd be close.
I'm a okay with that. Having Jin's attention is enough for me. Besides he has such defined weaknesses, there would definitely be pay back. Maniacal laugh.
This was so much fun! What did everyone else get?? Let me know! Tagging some peeps! @Lexxcisco @ashleyemmert @PrettieeEmm