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We are in every friend group, typically lurking in the background, but always into each conversations. You know who we are, too busy worrying about your problems that they aren't worrying about our own (but we love it!). They know all the Love Tips, or what to do in tricky situations.
And here's what it's like to be us.

1. Other people's problems become our own!

We feel their struggles.

2. Sometimes we have to repeat ourselves.

"You are awesome and valuable and wonderful, AND DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT." Is probably our most-used phrase.

3. We question our judgement. But then we don't.

We often think, "Was that the right thing to say?" after giving advice. But then two weeks later our friend is all, "That was the best advice EVER!"

4. We are always responding to texts.

Because someone in our group probably needs advice ASAP.

5. Your successes become ours!

Your friends crush texted them back? Win. Your friend got over their ex? Win.

6. We get a lot of hugs and "Thank Yous!"

Because what's not to be grateful for?

7. We become an essential part of the friend group.

I mean, how would our friends survive without us?
shoutout to all the homies in the Love&Relationship Community giving advice and being awesome:) you all are so awesome @fikaocs @DamariusKelley @BigMitch @MilaMoreno @mattw6715 @QuintenTeague @TomasOlivares @SeoInHan

Does this resonate with you?

Awww yeah @SeoInHan that's happened so much to me too!! but they still keep coming back!
I'm the type that gives the best advice and nobody followed it so I've learned to love saying "I told you so". My friends usually repent for not following my advice and making things worse, but I give them another hand 😊
wow this is literally a day in my life
100% accurate.
I can actually agree with this card. Its pretty relatable.
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