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Omg you guys, I went on the V App to watch some BtoB videos and I couldn't stop laughing when it came onto SungJae singing about Changsub
SungJae casually singing about Changsub
Still singing about him not knowing Changsub is behind him...
Still singing not noticing him creeping behind
Stopped singing but still doesn't know he is behind him...
Lemme drink some water, I got thirsty..but notices someone behind slowly
See's it's Changsub *scared to death*
Almost spits out the water
Casually talking to his Hyung while Changsub telling him about his dodging Lol
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@PrettieeEmm Yes he is! Lol I love him so much xD
Hahha. BTOB is one of my top bias groups!! They are all such dorks. xD
@StephanieDuong They're so awesome and funny xD
@jessicaacosta90 I will check the V app
@loftonc16 Ok yeah i couldn't find it on youtube :/ sorry but yeah check it out on V App