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This week, I will release a series of questions/predictions for Super Bowl 50! We shall start with MVP MONDAY!

If we are talking about the season MVP, there is one name that gets mentioned the most: Cam Newton. But the Super Bowl is a whole other deal. The player that has a breakout moment and leads his team to victory will win the Super Bowl MVP. With that being said, let's take a look at possible candidates for the MVP of Super Bowl 50!

1. Cam Newton

Yes, the season MVP necessarily does not mean Super Bowl MVP, but the season MVP also means that he has been not only the most consistent, but also the best player in the league. Although it takes one great moment to win the Super Bowl MVP, I feel like Cam Newton, who has been outstanding this entire season, has the best shot at winning the Super Bowl MVP as well.

2. Peyton Manning

Then there's Peyton Manning, the Sheriff. Yes, he is not the quarterback he was when he was back with the Colts, but he is still Peyton Manning. He might have missed a couple of games due to injury but that did not stop him from leading his team to victory at the AFC Championship against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. He is a veteran that can make a huge impact and he will need one of those to win the Super Bowl MVP. It might also become his last game so he will be motivated more than ever.

3. Luke Kuechly

Carolina linebacker, Luke Kuechly, certainly deserves a mention in the race towards Super Bowl MVP. The linebacker from Boston College has been explosive not only defensively, but also with the running of the football. He tailed 118 tackles, forced two fumbles, and picked off four passes. Also, he is the first player in NFL history to log an interception-touchdown in consecutive games in a single postseason.

4. Ted Ginn Jr.

Then there's the good old Ted Ginn Jr. Ginn and Newton has been a deadly combination for opposing teams and he turned out to be the No.1 wideout for the team, bringing in 44 catches for 739 yards, and 10 touchdowns. Ginn is a strong candidate for Super Bowl MVP if he can scores a couple of TDs and make some incredible catches.

5. C.J. Anderson

We cannot leave C.J. Anderson out of the conversation! The Broncos running back had some major runs throughout the season and totaled 720 yards and five scores this season. But then he's been pumping up his numbers especially in the last three of four games, where he had runs of 30 yards or more. He seems like a plausible candidate for the MVP spot.
We also have other names like Von Miller, Greg Olsen, Jonathan Stewart, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Josh Norman.

Football fans, who do you think will be the MVP of Super Bowl 50?

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