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1. Started his career as a model. 2. very Like snacking. 3. Before filming Boys Before Flowers, Lee Min Ho perming her hair up to five times to get the hair style of Goo Jun Pyo. Min Ho did not actually like this kind of hair style and dress code F4 which he said was too formal. 4. Good friends with Jung Il Woo. When asked his first impression when meeting with Il Woo, Min Ho answered, laughing, "His face was like a woman." 5. Min Ho loved to read the newspaper. He first learned Hangul (Korean characters) of the ad colorful writing in the newspaper. He also likes to comment on current news in the newspaper was in grade school. 6. Such as Goo Jun Pyo, Min Ho in real life can not swim. Time was 6 years old, he's willing to learn swimming after her mother and brother to convince him. But Min Ho still insist to use as a float and swim goggles. 7. Admitted if Song Hye Kyo is a Korean actress who approach the type of woman of his dreams. 8. When celebrating the birthday-22, he got a lavish gift of a laptop fans. 9. Once rumored to going out with a line of cute actresses such as Kang Min Kyung (Davichi), Park Bo Young, Moon Chae Won and Choi Eun Seo. 10. During the school had a special calling, which is "the face of the dark" because one side of a dark skin as SD, called "bones" because she was too skinny in junior high, and was called "Satan" at school for being too naughty.
hii.. may i copy and paste..? :D
it so handsome of lee min ho
todo de el es muy lindo !!
hay que linda sonrisaaaaa
ya ampun dia sesalu punya pesona yang luar biasa.
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