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Hello everyone, my name is Cortney, aka cardboardart. I'm 17 currently, a junior in high school and here are some things about me! 10 facts about me
1.) I'm weird, very weird. PS both of those are wigs if you couldn't tell. I also have a pink wig too!
2.) I have a long haired Syrian hamster named Legolas (after Legolas from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) and an old German Shepard named Ana, I love both more than anything in the world. Legolas is finally finishing out his toddler stage and is starting to mellow out but he still throws his temper tantrums when he doesn't get a piece of cheese. Ana is old and crazy, she bites at the air and barks at random things, like the couch.
3.) I love anime~! 😻 One Piece, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, Naruto (the Akatsuki will always be the best villains to me), Ouran High School Host Club, Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler, and Soul Eater. I like a LOT more anime but these just popped into my head so I put them down!
4.) I LOVE K-POP~! 😍 From Big Bang, SHINee, and BTS to Girls Generation and Got7, I will always love K-Pop. (PS there are a lot more bands that I'm just now getting into but these 5 are what really got me into the wonder world of Korean Pop Music).
5.) I love video games, especially Skyrim. I love Farkas and Vilkas and SO MANY MORE!!
6.) I love books and going to thrift stores and finding really old books. The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe is my most treasured book because I love Poe's stories and this book is over 100 years old.
7.) I like to collect random things from buttons and shiny pebbles to anime, comic and movie items. PS I have a LOT MORE collectibles that I plan on putting around my room on display.
8.) πŸ₯I have a lot of medical problems that prohibit me from doing a lot of stuff a normal teenager should and can do. I'm very weak and extremely tired all the time and when it gets really bad, I can hardly stand. I have a bile duct leaking bile into my stomach and that gives me the sensation that I'm full or that I over-ate and that stops me from eating (it's sometimes accompanied with intense moments of pain in my abdomen/intestinal area). My doctors have hopefully found out what the problem is but I won't know soon because I have to visit a surgeon (we think it's my gallbladder) but everything is going to be okay in the ending! I'm sure of it! ^^ Oh Yeah and another! I AM TERRIFIED OF NEEDLES! WHEN I SEE ONE (an IV or shot specifically) I HAVE A PANIC ATTACK πŸ’‰
9.) I have Celiacs Disease! It's not as bad as it sounds, it just means I can't eat gluten and I have to be careful and watch what I eat! It's actually not that bad.
DC or Marvel? How about BOTH!!! I love Tom Hiddleston as Loki, I personally think he fit the role perfectly because British actors make great villains (a lot of my favorite villains are British)!!!!! Adam West Batman is best Batman, those amazing brows are on point. I fell in love with Superboy after reading some of the Young Justice comic books and watching the TV series Young Justice (I wish it wasn't cancelled 😭). Do I really need a reason with Deadpool? He's the Chimichanga loving Merc with the Mouth. Nuff said. Wolverine is frigging awesome, I love the X-Men and Wolverine is my favorite! Bucky Barnes is one of the characters that made me flat out burst into tears when I found out what happened in the second Captain America movie. I love Bucky so much, and I can't wait for Civil War.
So those are 10 facts about me but that's just barely tipping the iceberg! Tagging a lot of people!!!!
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@cardboardart Ugh tell me about it! Haha that's how I feel at school cx so close but yet so far hahah
@RaquelArredondo thank you! And we're so close but so far!! The struggle is real! πŸ˜„
Nice to meet you! I'm one of the supports here at Marvel, the Head Merc with a Mouth. If you have any questions, or mod @shannonl5 the other supports @MichaelOgg @amobigbang will be willing to help out. Your card is very beautiful, I myself suffer from a rare condition and afraid of needles, so I can definitely relate. Stay strong and my new view of life in a quote is " live life and laugh because second chances are not always given." If you happen to like the show supernatural, I am the Mod over there. Yup, I am just everywhere lol. We are a happy bunch, happy Vingling Mrs. Deadpool Wilson
Oh I forgot one more person!!! And last but certainly not least, @shannonl5
@cardboardart haha that's awesome. There should be an America's next top model for hamsters XD
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