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hmmm. chain- air gear snow fairy- fairy tail papermoon-soul eater change the world- inuyasha yura yura- naruto note to self: there are way more
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Nirvana- Inu X Boku SS In My World- Blue Exorcist Resonance- Soul Eater Innocence- Sword Art Online Sirius- Kill LA Kill
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innocence-sao period- full metal Alchemist Monochorme kiss-black butler papper moon-soul eater sirius- kill la kill These are in no particular order
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Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul Alternative - Asura Cryin' 2 Guren no Yumiya - Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Tori no Uta - Air tv Dive - Naruto Shippuden
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Crossing Field - SAO Innocence of D - Highschool DxD Get Along - Slayers Biggest Dreamer - Digimon Tamers STRIKE BACK or Ashita o Narase - Fairy Tail (the latter being the current opening in Japan since the current arc is Fairy Tail Zero)
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Hard Knock Days - One Piece Kuroko's Basketball op 1 & 3 Monochrome Kiss and Shiver - Black Butler Durarara op 1 Splash Free Tokyo Ghoul op 1 all Naruto or Fariy Tail op Diabolik Lovers op 1 & 2 Hunter x Hunter op
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