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Omo! One of my fanfics just reached 100 likes, the first 100 likes that I've received on my writing since I've started publishing! I've been a part of Vingle since the beginning of December, and now, my Vingle family has acknowledged me for my writing! *sobs* I'm sooo happy! *bows repeatedly*
*keeps bowing*
How I feel right now! ❤❤❤❤
Please continue to support my writing and I'll keep providing the smiles and the feels!! Please stay tuned for the finale of SeungRi's novela in a couple of days. And I'll be releasing the preview of my main BigBang fanfic a little bit after that! *bows and continues sobbing* I love you all!! Please take care of me!
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@SaiT It's ok! I haven't sent the most recent one yet. I'm waiting for part 2 to send her
Congrats you deserved it! :DD
@alekxb5 *hugs* Thank you! ❤😭
Congrats!! :)
@cindystran *hugs* Thanks girlie! 😭❤❤