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So I decide to change my username from aguileragissel to TOPStarlight~♡ The reason is because I was getting really bored with my username and when I first started this account instead of showing me the option to put a username it automatically added my name. So today when I was in my laptop checking stuff around in Vingle it gave me the option to change my username which I did. (°ㅅ°)
The meaning of TOPStarlight is my ultimate bias T.O.P and my favorite group's fandom name~♡ Since I REALLY LOVE BIGBANG AND VIXX I decided to combine them together~♡♡
Goodnight to all of the lovely Vingle family or Goodmorning to some of you (Depending on where you live~♡)UㅇㅊㅇU
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How do you change it, do you have to use a laptop?
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
Sorry for responding late TT But I did get it changed in my laptop by editing my profile c: @ParkMinRin13 @ashleydj1oo
2 years ago·Reply
@TOPStarlight. its fine 😄😄 thanks for telling me, I kept trying on my phone but nothing 😅 makes since now 😉
2 years ago·Reply
@ParkMinRin13 You're Welcome c: Yeah I did that too at first but then decide to try it on my laptop which it did work xD
2 years ago·Reply