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I fell like im out camping when im watching this show because its intense (dont kill me for my dumb ass pun in the title). I recently got around to watching akame ga kill and the first night i only watched the first episode and had to set it down for the rest of the night and watch something else. Its not the gore that gets my to cringe when i watch this show, its how real it is. From the people who torture people to and guys who enjoy beating women to death, this show takes all the things wrong in our world and throws into one show. Im not saying dont watch this show because it fantastic, but if your arent a fan of people being chopped in half and being blown to pieces youve been warned. This show is willing to go the extra mile to keep you on the edge of your seat and i love it. Leave me some comments below on how you feel about Akame Ga Kill, i would like to see what others think.
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I learned right fast watching it the morning before I left for work was a bbbaaadd way to start my day. they'd look at me, " who died?". Weeeeeellllllll............
definitely one of my favorites. Very sad, though when just about every character died
@enchantingsun well let me enlighten you guys a bit lmfao
@lancednobiensky Yyeeeaaahhh. I have that conversation twice with my family. They learned to not ask anymore. haha. Appently, I get a little passionate. My coworkers would probably have me comitted. I doubt a small town principle and teachers would understand.
@xXLEFTIBEHINDXx ikr they show a character the whole episode and get you to like them just for them to die at the end of the show