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I saw this gif today and remembered how I'd do this after hours of playing Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt and Contra! Miss those days~ (Gif Credit)

What was your favorite NES game?

I loved ALL THE MEGA MAN GAMES (high five @shagnasty360) and Star Tropics, if anyone remembers that. Also that .gif is amazing, I might need to save it to my phone
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MegaMan2. Come to think of it, Mega Man 1 thru 6
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@TurtleyTurtles Omg Kirby's Adventures was cool too! @LAVONYORK Yessss another Duck Hunt fan XD @RaquelArredondo So unfair hahaha @buddyesd Another classic! :)
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Lol yeah it does I still do that with my gameboy lol
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yup, remember that back when I was younger. everything when you finish watch you would need to rewind it, or fix it if the tape starts fucking up by blowing on it lol ...
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