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New manga chapter for fairy tail this week!! This is my review and also what did you think?

You've been warned!!

Honestly I'm surprises to hear that zeref can't defeat Acnologia unless he had fairy heart....

Also I noticed for a while that Hiro quit putting gray getting surprised that he has no clothes on but I think he's starting to bring it back...not really related to the chapter but I just noticed that. Also do you guys think laxus will become the next guild master? He seems to be more protective of fairy tail like a true leader now!

Honestly I'm suprised that Wendy Managed to get a hit in when (last chapter) Kagua could not really even get one in, I'm not sure if Wendy will win but it seems likely, what do you guys think about this fight?

To end this little review I think that next weeks fight will be interesting...of course Laxus will win but it'll be interesting!! What did you guys think of this chapter? Were you guys surprised at anything? What are you waiting for? Tell me on the comments I love to hear your opinions!!

@tayhar18920 yea I think so too.
i loved this chapter fairy tail standing their ground and looking badass to😂😂😂😂
@MalcolmAllen it most likely would be a weapon ...I think
@tayhar18920 he wants to use it destroy the world so I'm guessing either himself or some ancient magical weapon
@MalcolmAllen then that brings up the question of what zeref wants to super charge
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