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~~~CONTINUED FLASHBACK~~~ She opened her eyes and she only saw a blurry vision. Her power of visioning into people's lives were essential, but not enough to cover the terrible truth she just experienced. But, somehow, she didn't seem to remember any of what just happened a few minutes ago, all she could remember was Eun Seul saying "Happy Birthday to me". ~~~END OF FLASHBACK~~~ Eun Seul walked towards her, but slowly. She looked scared and tears were threatning to fall of her eyes at any sudden movement from Ah Ri. Once they were only a few inches from each other, awkwardness surrounded the atmosphere and all they did was stare at each other. Eun Seul could no longer contain her tears and started to cry, hugging Ah Ri into the tightest of hugs. "What is this,huh?. You leave for almost a year and a half, you don't tell me you came back, I tried getting you to pay a visit for weeks but yet you ignored me. And now all of the sudden you hug me with that untrustworthy smile of yours." "I'm sorry unnie!, I'm sorry you had to find out this way!, mianhae unnie, mianhae!!!" Ah Ri just hugged her with pity. Her face not showing the least of forgiveness, but not recentment, only despise. "Why did you do it?, why would you do this to me Eun Seul-ssi" "It wasn't my intention .......for all of this to happen. When we were in the science room I had no idea that there were chemicals around. We were just kids back then, and playing with them was more of a fun way to spend our boredom instead of letting them be. We mixed so much of those chemicals together that when they dropped on the floor....... a continuum of lights started going out-and one of those lights hit your eyes." "If you knew you had to tell me....... why didn't you?" "How could I tell you that your own cousin had blinded you for life because she was being a complete fool. Then, Chanyeol and my mom came into the scene. He was crying like he just lost the most precious thing in his entire world. He really loves you Ah Ri, just that, after that accident and on my 18th birthday, you couldn't remember anything...... not even him ." "Why would you chose your birthday to talk to me?, and why here?" "Because 2 years ago today..... I showed you the room where everything happened, you remembered everything but after you passed out.... nothing. This school, um, it's the only place in this world where all our secrets are hidden. Everything that happened in our lives, like the day you told me you had lost your V-Card with Chanyeol and I couldn't stop smiling and being happy that the two of you had finally hitted off. But, now those moments are gone." "They're just dusted memories of our childhood and teenage years.". She said holding on to her fake smile. "You know what my biggest regret in life was?, other than doing this to you, it was that even though after everything that I've put you through, you still stuck by me....... while I pushed you away." "Hmph, I only stuck by you because I couldn't remember anything from that day. And now, i'm not so sure I want to keep going." "Ah Ri-ssi, listen, our lives might not be the happiest of them all, they might not be filled with the most beautiful moments in life, but you need to know that not everything is going to be the way you expect it to be. Sure I blinded you but that was by accident. Know, that the amount of time that took me to finally face you was only because I was afraid of what you were going to do. I don't care wheter you're angry or disappointed in me because you have every right to be that way with me, I deserve it. But know this: Our most beautiful and happiest moments in life don't always happen by the good things we've done or just plain luck, they happen because at some point in our lives we've done something terrible and all of the sudden good things start to happen. In the end these things might not last and give us only the things we've never asked for which are this; the constant arguing, the oblivious isolation between us and our suffering for which we've faced for 14 years. You think you're the only one hurting?, you think that I should be sorry just like that and expect forgiveness that quick?, no of course not. No, don't expect me to come to your door, kneeling on my knees begging for mercy and shit because I will not apologize for something that was also your fault. Why did you follow me to the science room that day when I told you not to, huh?, what, the cousinly love gave you an instinct to follow me?." (She continued) "Yes, I'm sorry for what I did to you, i'm sorry for not being brave enough to fucking see you again after that, AND I AM SO FUCKING SORRY FOR BEING THE STUPID BITCH WHO RUINED YOUR LIFE!!!!. Is that what you wanted me to say, eh?. And besides, I guess now that Chanyeol is here to take your pain away you won't have to worry about me anymore. He really does love you know, try not to blame only him for the things that you also did". And with that she walked away.
Bruhhhh tht child would have got punchedπŸ˜‚ trying to play the victim when u blinded someone
@QueenLele you're right, but even though she blinded someone she was also hurt because she did that and Ah Ri just expected her to apologize that quick knowing that Eun Seul was also hurting badly. But other than that you're right πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚