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Haha he is standing on books.
lol changjo can't you just let him have this. it's his birthday afterall!
Haha poor baby the 20 yr old is taller than him
he is so small and cute! haha even when he stands up he is still tiny!
ljoe being bitter about it kekeke
no worries ljoe. even if you are like 170 cm you're still taller than me. I'm like 5'3 on a good day haha xoxo angels
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@dallasyamane haha i know when I looked up how tall 172cm was I was like wow I'm not one to talk haha he is taller than me too!!
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this happened to me with jin jin from astro too!
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What show were Chanyeol, and L.Joe on together?
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@MsLoyalHeart It's called what's up LA? by mnet. https://youtu.be/BhWKUgciGfI
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Thank you so much!!
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