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Hello mis amigos, I will give some quick facts about myself....
I'm part of the support team. I love THOR! He's my favorite Marvel Character. I love reading, writing, and music! I LOVE KPOP! I love anime. My favorite is Inuyasha. My favorite colors are pink, black, gold, and purple. If I could have any super power it would be to have any power I want to have for as long.
@amobigbang I get my stuff from an app XP
Hello Mrs Thor.. Wait? Does Thor have a last name? Just Thor Odin's Son? Lmfao
I need to get back onto that anime, it's been way to long and i have yet to finish it
@MichaelOgg @amobigbang yeah I remember the episodes were really hard to find. Sometimes Adult Swim has them on their website but idk if they still do
@MichaelOgg yeah I finshed it many years ago. I began watching it on adult swim, but USA sucks lol when it comes to anime. I had to hunt for the last episodes on youtube
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