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Alright kiddies, this is my introduction card to some of the greatest dating/role playing games for our wide use of phone apps! Welcome to Voltage Inc.
Some of you are familiar with these games, and some are not, but never you worry, I'm going to tell you why these games are the ultimate fantasy for women, and even men! As you can see above, it's essentially a dating game, with many different settings. The one above is for those that a good sea-farin' tale of love and adventure!
Now some of you might be more familiar with a similar company/type: Shall We Date? I must admit, I started off with the Ninja in Love soooooooooooo long ago! I loved it. But! BUT! as much as I enjoy those games, I think Voltage is better, and I'll tell you why: 1) You don't have an avatar. Seriously! Do you know how annoying it is to have to buy clothes, buy accessories (like a guy, lol), and meet the guys' "standards"? I get that some of you like the avatar idea, but it's just NOT my cup of tea, nor is cooking, or taking Princess lessons
2) Money In Voltage games you pay ONCE for each part: main story, epilogue, sequel, etc. and then you can enjoy sweet romance and make your daydreams come true! In Shall We Date, you are constantly buying tickets, buying money, buying time and points and etc. it's frustrating because in order to get anywhere you HAVE to keep spending money. And it's NOT CHEAP.
3) In Shall We Meet, although the graphics are just as good (as you can see, quite spectacular) it doesn't make me overlook the fact that they take more time and devotion that I simply don't have. I decided to try this one, but it's turning out bothersome. Love the graphics though.
Okay okay, I'm done with that. This was just an introduction card, so I'll get to my main point: Boy or girl, single or married, these dating games by Voltage definitely add some spice to your day and to your imagination. It gives you a lovely escape, drama, and the feeling that it's happening to you instead of just some pretty actress on a tv screen. Just check them out sometime! There are at least...let me count...24 you can choose from, and all are unique and varied for every type of person. I'll cover 6 per card for 4 cards after this introduction. Despite what you think, even I haven't played them all! 馃槉馃憤 can't wait to share my adventures with you all! @yaya12, @MaighdlinS, @poojas, @AlloBaber, @Invinsybll, @kpopandkimchi, @Miss148, @honeysoo, @iamrotamrot, @AimeeH, @StephanieDuong, @KaceyDodge, @B1A4BTS5ever, @kpopGaby, @PassTheSuga, @MattK95, @Starbabes, @baileykayleen, @byeolbit, @NatMarie, @KhrystinaLee, @sugajin94, @AgentLeo, @XergaB20, @netchtiBates, @CheyenneJessee, @allischaff, @ocherrylimeadeo, @Meeshell, @ravirie, @DeeNice, @HappyGLAlexis, @Viresse, @AlmaRangel, @edwinb94, @IzzyPerkins, @Boekyeol27, @solodaywithB1A4, @YvonJerzak, @wonsikbrah, @TaeJinMaknae, @TesneemElAlami, @Mastermind2K16, @kelseyblair, @ciabrizz, @Dahliadang, @KellyOConnor, @JustinaMclean, @ToriDaldegan, @ashelynlandon15, @kpopular, @StarlightDria, @RecklessYouth, @AlatheaOwan, @JazminOrozco, @Adetoro, @kpopgirl42, @NayizX3, @squeakk, @paksaedi, @Elanana, @xxxtina, @BTSinsfires If you don't want me to tag you for more in the future, please let me know!
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@StephanieDuong why not? Everyone takes their own paths and enjoys different parts of the storylines! It would be refreshing to hear from other players!
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is there an option for people who don't want to pay real money? I play shall we date games because I don't have to
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@MaighdlinS I'll address that question, and any more questions, in my next card! 馃槉
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SO COOL. haha I didn't know these existed!
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