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The Super bowl is right around the corner. While many enjoy the game, one of the highlights of the night for many casual fans is the commercials.
Companies pay extreme amounts of money to run a commercial while millions of eyes are locked into the screen. As a result, companies do their best to make their moment stand out for the rest.
Heinz released one of their commercials that will run on Super Bowl Sunday and the results are.. well the final product is in.
Is this really what they spent the budget on?
I'm really confused, how are dogs running around in buns and people dressed up as condiments going to make this an unforgettable moment?
I may be being a bit harsh here, but fellow Vinglers, is this a hit or miss?
Advertising never surprises me. lol
@danse it surprised me with how bad this one was.. lol. Didn't really move me to buy the ketchup one bit lol
@danidee, I dig the dogs too, but this couldn't have been the best product presented with all the money they spent for this Superbowl
You know, I love me some dachshunds, but ketchup doesn't belong on hot dogs. Pssh, Heinz. Pssshhhh.
@danidee I bet, these must've been some highly trained dogs for Heinz to blow their Super Bowl budget on lol
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