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WHERE DID THIS EVEN COME FROM?? Is he talking about performance videos?? Lacking in skill in dance maybe?? JUNGKOOK I WILL SWIM MY HAPPY ASS TO KOREA AND PUNCH YOU IN YOUR ROCK HARD THIGHS FOR SAYING SUCH NONSENSE. He is one of the most hard working and genuine idols around. Everything about him is perfect. I need him to not.
Kookie can you NOT understand how perfect you are!? I will scold you, but not for the reasons you want us to, but because you are human, you are allowed to make little mistakes here and there. But to ARMY you will ALWAYS be our cute, funny, adorable, smart mouth, playful, and intelligent Golden Maknae! We love you Kookie #JungkookYouArePerfect
Dammit Kookie, first Yoongi now you. I'm mean I feel you guys because I'm like that a lot, I'm sure most of us are, but there are also so many people backing you. It just makes me both sad and angry that a lot of idols feel this way. Like I feel like if I could slap you I could, but at the same time I want to comfort and say it'll all be okay....just ugh. TT_TT
I hate that they're so hard on themselves.. I wish he could see himself through our eyes and I bet he wouldn't even feel half of this
@MorganElisabeth im pretty sure my heart broke into a million pieces.....
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