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This group debuted January 27, 2016 and although I have way too many male Kpop groups I listen to and lets not forget I have 30 plus names and birthday's memorized, (God bless my soul) I wanted to see of I could get into them
This video introduces all of the members and thank goodness their is only five, there is no way I would have made it if there was more.
Okay so in my opinion I was literally thrown off because I was expecting their music to sound a bit lie what their introduction video showed us. The song is okay, but their hair is what threw me off. Each of them looked really nice with their natural hair color in each of their introduction videos. But, it is only their first song, so I want try to be too harsh and measure them up to my bias groups.
may you tag me too por favor? ? gracias
@IsoldaPazo yes I'd be glad to