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Witness 4 truly mind-blowing bartender tricks that you have to see to believe
Watching an incredible bartender at work is poetry in motion.
I'm amazed at some of the cool drinks they can create at a fast pace. Thanks to science and some seriously talented bartenders, there is an array of cocktails that combine alcohol and a show. Below are some of the coolest drinks I saw on the web this week.

1-The Backdraft

If flaming drinks are something you’re into, the backdraft shot should be your next order. It may look like your run-of-the-mill shot when it arrives, but this drink is set on fire and sparked with a little bit of cinnamon.


This cocktail combines lime, sugar, and a light spirit mixed with liquid nitrogen to create the frozen treat.

3-Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice drink uses a stack of champagne flutes and dry ice next to what looks like a raging bonfire on top of the bar.

4-Blue Blazer

The drink revolutionized the way we mix fire and alcohol.