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It all began with Super Junior. The first song Ever heard of them was No Other and omfg i had fallen in love with it. I just couldn't stop listening to it. Later on I became super obsessed and considered after finding out their fandom's name i had become ELF.
When I heard about EXO i became also so much into them. I really love their music and dances that i even myself have learned a few of their moves. They have grown so much in these last years and i just cant wait to see what the future has for them.
I recently found out about GOT7 and i got to say..... i am in love! They are just amazing, their music, dances, everything. I had always heard about them and read about them online but never really considered listening to them until a few months ago and thankfully i did. I just love them.
Now Super Junior, Exo, and GOT7 are my top 3 favorite boy groups. I have a few others also that i like listening too also like ... BTS, VIXX, Infinite, Seventeen, BTOB, Big Bang and Shinee.

Thanks. So what is you favorite k-pop guy group? I want to know leave it down on the comments. Bye bye(:

Yay!!!My first kpop video EVER!!!Was SUPER JUNIOR! !!!!!!!The first music video I saw of super junior was Spy............^.^!!!!!!!!
The first kpop boy group for me was the same as yours, super junior!