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OK guys so if you want clues it's on the videos that I post at the end of each part of my stories, also the pictures that i post on the begining and end are also clues.. so theres no way you guys wont get anything lol just saying...

Anyways thanks again for reading all my cards and for this series too your compliments make my day really! i appreciate it ! i love you all happy reading!!! my fanfatics! wanna read from the start ? links down below! - Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 - - Part 5 - - Part 6- - Part 7 - - Part 9 -
“I wanted to endure throughout, I’m Holding my heart by a thread , I choose a life that’s For me, My heart was limping, If I hold onto you, It hurts but if I let you go, It hurts even more, And its end of this road, After making that decision, I rip you out from inside my heart, As I let out a silent scream, Erasing the after images that are floating around, Burning up the remaining memories up in the sky, Burn, Now look at me forgetting you with eyes wide open, Don’t ever forget me, Don’t Ever erase me, Taking a breath, I let out a deep sigh”.

“This place is deeper than a dream inside a dream”

(Entering the Dream state “Kai & You”)

Kai mesmerized looking at the butterfly, pulls your hand and starts walking you follow him. Both walking hand by hand you see the door and the butterfly on the other side of the door, Kai steps on the grass and keeps following the butterfly. When suddenly it disappears and he sees both of you laying in the grass, You laughing and he tickling you. While he caresses your hair away from your face and brings it to your ear he intensely stares at you and he says, K: “I love you” You shyly smile and reply with Y: “I love you too” You blush, and he grabs your cheeks and squishes them and says, K: “Cute” he chuckles, When suddenly the ground starts to shake and everything starts to fall apart like a burning picture when it’s Ashes fly away with the wind. You both hold each other and close your eyes,
You both open your eyes, and once again standing on the white room, but this time with scenes of both of you together on different places, Kai starts to walk and you let his hand go. He starts to see when you guys first hugged, when you first kissed. Kai looks at you confused and says, K:”I don’t Get it..”
When suddenly the butterfly that once disappeared was making it’s Way to him, he steady follows it with his sight, the butterfly keeps flying to one part of the scenes of both of you of Kai proposing to you on one knee, then disappearing to another scene of him asking for your fathers blessing. You softly say, Y: “ what don’t you get?” While slowly you start walking towards him he stares at you confused, while you walking you softly say to him, Y: “That we are on this together?, Please don’t Forget me..”

(“Getting out of dreaming state”(Clarissa)

You open up your eyes while breathing hard, you wake up and see needles stuck to you, you look around and see that you’re not on house, your on someone else bed and you say, Y: “where’s Kai?” You suddenly look besides you and you see him laying down with needles stuck to his arms machines on his side and other stuff on his mouth, you look at his neck and it has gausses. Suddenly a door opens, and you immediately look and you see Kyungso coming out, and smiles at you and says, Ky: “ hello, good morning!, how are you feeling today?” You blankly stare at him and say, Y: “what happened?, why is Kai hurt?, why is he asleep with all these things in him? Why? Is he OK?” your eyes start to water and tears start falling. Ky: “what happened? Well lay came up to your house he was about to kill you I don’t Know why but Sehun said that he barged inside your house and saw Kai on the floor knocked out he suddenly, tackled lay to the ground when that happened lay had a gun on his hand, he shot Kai. And he kept saying “ that son of a bitch needs to die” after that Sehun just knocked him out, we have him handcuffed on a separate room”.
Y: “ I don’t Care about that asshole, is Kai OK?” Ky: “Yes he is “ You stare at him and sigh you’re glad that he’s Fine. Kyungso says, Ky: “I arrived just in time, it was a miracle he wouldn’t be alive to be honest” You stare at Kai, and flashes start to pass by of him and you together, you start to tear up and you say to Kyungso, Y: “I had a dream of him, and it was a really confusing one”. Ky: “really?, yes I saw your feet we’re Moving, I also saw that the clock on your wrist it stopped and I really don’t Know why, like if something triggered it, you we’re shot on your shoulder I took the bullet from your shoulder and did two stitches” Kyungso starts to walk towards some monitors near the bed, and says Ky: “right now Kai, is dreaming I can see it on the scanner his brain levels are pretty high, he’s Probably having a nightmare”
You grab Kai’s hand and rub your fingers with his fingers, while you lift up his hand you give a Peck on his hand. You touch his cheeks with your fingers following with his sharp jaw line you stare at him. You hear a door closing and footsteps getting near you, you turn around and see Sehun with a big smile. You stare at him dead in the eye and he says, S: “Clarissa how are you? Any better¿” You throw at Sehun pillow and yell at him Y: “yaaaaahhh!!!, why’d you do that to me asshole!!!” S: “look I did you a favor you would have been dead already if it went for me don’t you think so? Ugh.. see Kai did this too screaming at me and he even beat the shit out of me… yet both of you are alive you should thank me…” Kyungso on the other side giggling saying, K: “well it was about someone beat the crap out of you.. “ he laughs. S: “want to die Kyungso” Y: “ Yaaaahhh!!!”
When suddenly the machines besides Kai started to beep really loud, Kyungso immediately heads to where Kai is. you look at Kyungso’s face and looks shocked, he grabs his pocket light to check his eyes, while doing that you could see his pupils dilating. Kai starts to twitch from his arms and legs his eyes where moving really fast, Kyungso runs to the other monitors to se the diaphragms. You hear him say, K: “Holy shit”
“I just need to breathe, I just need to endure, I was afraid, I was a coward, I have no confidence to escape from it, Saying that I’ll Forget you, Is all a lie that remains in me, Your face spreads throughout my heart, Once again, It hurts even more than before, I think I miss you even more, I think it’s More dangerous, I don’t want to let you go, But sadly, Love, In the end is a lie to just one of us”.
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@LaurenDimalanta I know I love that song too!!!
@bbyitskatie I swear with each chapter it geta better. i think im gonna start from the beginning and reread everything its so good!
@LaurenDimalanta Aww stap it your making me blush ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but they're short! I hope you guys don't hate me ㅠㅠㅠ I'll try my best to make it a little more longer!!!
@bbyitskatie i like it though! and you are right the picturea and videos do give so many clues!
ㅋㅋ you guys forcing me to actually blur everything out so mean ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ