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When talking about this season's potential MVP, the names that get the most mentions are probably Stephen Curry and LeBron James. And a dark horse that's been on the rise is Kawhi Leonard. All these three names deserve to be on the list, because they are the key players of the three best teams in the NBA: Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and San Antonio Spurs.

But personally, I think Kevin Durant deserves a look for the MVP spot.

KD has been a solid player throughout his entire career and although OKC may not be the best team in the Western Conference, Durant has carried his team to third place in a very competitive conference. Oh, and one more thing.
Kevin Durant has scored 20+ points in his last 42 of 43 games. In the last 30 seasons, only two other players have achieved this incredible feat. That's right.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Basketball fans, what do you think Kevin Durant has a good chance of winning his second MVP this season?

I think if he wins the scoring title he would be impossible to ignore
@KyleBerke Yeah sucks OKC is in the Western Conference. If he played in the Eastern Conference, I feel like his name would be mentioned more.