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Ok, so I know I haven't been ranting in a while, but don't go thinking I've been living a peaceful ass life or anything, but I haven't been pissed of like this in a while. So bear with me. Yes bear, like get a bear and rage with me...... Anyways so I have this friend, and he got blocked by a girl, who pisses him off to the very core of his soul, and he pisses her off to the core of her soul. So they blocked each other That's not why I'm mad. To each their own. But to keep bitching about how you miss her, and that you don't want to lose anymore friends. LISTEN Through out your whole life You are going to make friends And lose friends And make friends And lose friends That is part of fucking life. Learn to move on, because the longer you hold on to a person that doesn't want shit to do with you, the more it hurts. It's like holding onto a rope that's on fire. And the floor is on fire, and the room is on fire, and everything is on fire Because it's hell Why is everyone concerned with making their circle small? Only their real friends are aloud to talk to them. If you're not planning to stay in someone's life don't get in it in the first place? Why the hell, does that make me obligated to you if we have a good conversation one time that all of a sudden makes me in your special cult of I have to be you're friend for the rest of your life or I'm not a TRUE friend. Why are people so narsasasistic that if I don't give you my all every second we're in a friend ship together. I'm not a good friend? If I just met you And if you need help And it's not a bother to me I will help you There was a friend I had in Highschool, I had just met him. He told me he was hungry and he didn't have enough to buy his lunches. I kid you not. I gave him my lunch until he got more money on my account. Did it bother me? No? He wasn't a REAL friend. Does that mean let him starve? No You be a decent fucking person and help people that need help if you can It has nothing to do with how good of friends we are, or what I get in return. You need help It doesn't make me have to go completely out of me way Sure, no problem. You don't like that people leave after you've cared so much? Do you eat the same food every day? Work at the same place everyday? Live in the same house you've lived in since you were born? People change. They get busy Sick. Don't have the same personality anymore What once satisfied their every need, now does nothing for them. And it hurts It hurts But you have to move on, because with pains of the heart. The only thing that helps them. Is finding more happiness Whether it's a job you're passionate about A hobby Having your mother's homemade food Taking a trip Whatever you need to do But you have to move on, because I bet you...... They're not looking back. Make friends, and get your heart broken, again, and again, and again. Because I'm sure. There is someone else with a broken heart out there..... Who is waiting to meet a friend.
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πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒYesssss! That's life.