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Day 1! @shannonl5 came up with this brilliant idea so I had to join in. I've been trying to make a comeback on Vingle so why not kick it off with this series.... Never been good with intros, I usually get asked a bunch of questions over time. I'm late for the first day since it's almost midnight over here in NYC. Well I work at a Japanese clothing store. I'm also a student but I'm taking this semester off. I'm almost done with my BA. Hopefully it'll get me where I want to go. I'm looking to get into teaching English in, you guessed it, Japan lol. Other than that, pizza and anime rule my life. I'm in my 20s so most of my favorite anime are pretty old to some people lol. Stuff like saint seiya, yu yu hakusho, cowboy bebop, card captors, DBZ. That's not to say I don't keep up with current shows. Every season, I'm at least watching three different series. One Piece is my life so that's always going to have top priority. My first card was about OP because I hate to hear people complain about how many episodes there are, dude get your gotdamn life together and watch it lol. I'm also a twitter personality, I'm constantly tweeting anime so if you're interested feel free to follow @moztamazin I don't mind answer any questions so drop anything in the comments section and I'll try to answer it asap... @InVinsybll tag as many people as you can! let's get this started, I'm going to try to do one each day.
@SeintoSeiya it sounds like such an awesome career path! I have a friend who's taught in China and she loved it
@shannonl5 heard about it from a friend who teaches in Korea
How'd you get into teaching English? That's so cool!