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So we've complained about the price of movie popcorn these days. And we've complained about the soaring price of a ticket. But have any of us thought to actually do anything about it? No, probably not. But these two friends certainly have.
Meet Bo and Matthew, two buddies from Seattle, Washington, who figured out quite a unique method of getting a 2-for-1 deal on their 'Avengers' tickets - by carefully disguising themselves as one big man.
With Matthew's arms and legs wrapped around Bo's body, the two were able to wear enough layers to pass off as one particularly large person and make it all the way to their seats without theater staff suspecting a thing.
My favorite part of their five-minute video documenting the deed is when they finally get inside and have to 'disassemble' in one of the building's elevators. (If you've ever wanted to see what it would look like if one dude gave birth to a dude of the same age, well, there you go.)
You can watch the whole video in the embedded YouTube above. (Which you should. Because it's hilarious.)
But now I want to know:

Would you try this with one of your friends? Is this worth the $15 refund, or were these guys super obvious?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more videos going viral this week, follow my YouTube Nation collection.
@danidee My Dad was brutal, in...eh, a loving way.. ? >:D Like when he found out I had some beer for the first time at a friends, and came home smashed. Oh lord... the next day he sat me down, handed me a six pack, and made me pound those puppies. I was so crap-faced on top of the hangover. I NEVER thought it wise to drink without him knowing ever again. In fact he said if I wanted too, I just needed to drink where he could see me and know I was safe. >_> (*Him saying this as I'm puking my brains out*) Ugh.... It still gives me the chills.
@Danse Lmao, part of me wonders how much this was about the money versus how much this was about just trying to see if they can pull off something hilarious.
@danidee I tried to have a house party at my Dads place while he was on vacation. Don't you know that jerk kept calling me over and over so I had to walk my butt down the street every time he called until I finally got so fed up I spilled the beans. I mean crap, I wasn't even able to party because I was too busy answering him. He's too sneaky, he knows what was up. Did that on purpose...old fart. >__< lol He wasn't even mad either, he just wanted to mess with me.
wow..they must be get the idea from movie 'The man in the iron mask' scene
@Danse I have a feeling my dad and your dad would get along fine. Lol. Dad's rule was simple: "drink outside of my house, die. Drink at my house, fine...but I confiscate all keys at the door." And that was that. Break it, suffer. But I agree with you both. This is kinda stupid. Funny. Obvious. Stupid. I think they did it for the sake of doing it. @LAVONYORK me too!! Smh.
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