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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 28/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
"Are you having fun?” Tae asked lightly. He nodded in the direction of the door, the glistening knob taunting the man next to him. “Try it.” He suggested, “Maybe he finally forgot to lock it tonight..they stayed up later than usual.” Suppressing a grin, Taehyung watched Jungkook turn the doorknob like he had tried every night for the past month.
Sometimes he was oddly calm and others he frantically twisted it, his shoulder slamming against the wood. He never said anything though, Namjoon had said he was allowed to try the knob and it if was unlocked, barge and do what he wished, but if Jungkook called out while the door was still shut, he’d make a show out of killing you.
You were so close and he couldn’t even let you know he was near.
So Jungkook could only twist the knob night after night, barely able to hear anything inside the room other than the occasional creak of the bed or you being frightened awake when he was especially desperate to get inside. And night after night Taehyung would laugh at him; laugh at the disappointment on his face. He had almost called out one night, when he heard you crying for him, but as he opened his mouth to reassure you, Tae was there, a eager grin on his face.
“Say something. “ He had urged, “I’ve been waiting weeks to see her. Say anything, she’ll recognize your voice.” He had been thrown in a fit of anger when Jungkook’s mouth snapped shut. That night, Taehyung had pounded on the door himself, cursing at Yoongi. Yoongi never responded to him and Tae wasn’t sure if that was more angering than the fact he kept the door barricaded.
Currently, Jungkook released the door knob. It wasn’t unlocked, there was nothing he could do. Tae’s laughter faded, his face thoughtful, “You ever wonder what they do in there?”
Jungkook stepped away from the door to lean against the opposite wall. Now, he would wait a few hours and try again. The result was never any different, but it was a chance; so he’d take it every night. Then he’d head to bed and by sunrise he was off on some assignment with Jimin. As of now, they were combing through the ashes of Yoongi’s warehouse, searching for Jin and Hoseok’s bodies. Jungkook figured they were alive; Jimin was a piss poor arsonist and it had been a month with no sign of them. They had escaped.
He had suggest to Namjoon weeks ago that they start combing the city for them, but apparently defecting had put him at odds with the leader. Jimin had replaced him. Nothing he suggested was taken seriously or listened to and Jimin was sure their bodies were in the rubble. So Namjoon believed him and Jungkook was forced to sift through charred wood day after day.
He shooked his head at Taehyung’s question, already having an inkling of the answer, “Jimin said he confessed to her. He’s probably shoving his tongue down her throat and she’s too afraid to push him away.” He mumbled. Taehyung crouched down beside him,
“Aren’t you angry?” he teased. Jungkook’s gaze languidly lifted up to meet Taehyung’s and the man was shocked by the emotion hidden in them. He had thought that Jungkook’s anger started as a quiet resentment until he exploded, but now he remembered there was something darker and more patient that came after. Tae looked away, “Ahh, I’ve haven’t seen you like this in a while, Jungkookie.” This was the side to Jungkook that Namjoon was desperately trying to hone. This was what had made Jungkook his right hand. Tae smiled at the maknae,”You haven’t been like this since-”
“Since I killed Jimin’s…” His voice trailed off at the sight of Jimin rounding the corner; the two of them had never been in this hall while Jungkook was present before. He suddenly jumped up, shoving Taehyung over. The thud resounded down the hall, catching Jimin’s attention and Jungkook could hear the bed creak inside the room. Jimin started running towards him, face serious. What was Jungkook doing? He pressed one hand over Taehyung’s bruised neck and the other over his mouth and nose. Smiling, Jungkook watched the confusion in Tae’s eyes.
“Shh, hyung.” he whispered, “Everything’s going to be okay.” Jimin shoved Jungkook over, helping Taehyung up. Angrily, he saw Jungkook straighten up, an excited grin on his face. Jimin was taken aback.
What was wrong with him?
Jungkook waved Tae over, whispering, “Come here, hyung. I’m not done. It’ll be fun, I swear.” He stepped forward only for Jimin to shove him back again,
“What the fuck is wrong with you, Jungkook?!”
Jungkook held a finger up to his lips, his smile widening. He nodded towards the door, “Quiet, Jiminie hyung, Y/N and Yoongi are awake.” The three men stared at the door, the creaking sounds ceasing. There was a pause and then a soft voice calling out,
Yoongi’s arm was quickly wrapping around your waist as he lugged you to the bathroom. Jungkook had found out; he had to keep you out of sight. He had been so caught off guard that Jungkook was actually there that he had been unable to stop you from calling out his name. And now Jungkook knew you were in here, and by the tone of Jimin’s voice, he wasn’t happy.
You struggled against Yoongi, confused as to why he was dragging you off, “Yoongi, stop!” Much stronger than you, he lifted you up, hoisting you into the bathroom and shutting you inside.
“Yoongi! Let me out! Jungkook is there, he can help us!” You banged your fists against the door, trying the knob. The knob handles had been switched, the lock on the outside. Before when you had seen Yoongi fiddling with it, you thought nothing of it, but now you realized something.
He had been expecting this to happen.
“Yoongi!” You had started screaming his name. What was he doing? Why was he keeping you from Jungkook? “Yoongi! Let me out, please! I-I don’t understand!” Turning away, you rummaged through the cabinets for anything to help you, you could’ve sworn the key was in here. Frantically, you pulled out a drawer, screaming when it came off the supports and crashed onto the ground.
“Y/N!? What are you doing?” Yoongi called, fingers reaching for the lock, “What are you doing?!” He heard the sound of things being pushed around and you cursing about a key. Yoongi stepped from the door. He had hidden the key weeks ago, you’d be searching for awhile.
He crossed the barely lit room, fumbling with the lock on the window. Quietly he pushed it open and peered out. It was at least a two story drop, but there was an overhang jutting out half the distance. He’d be able to lower you part of the way to the overhang, but with your leg he was sure you’d cry out. Plus he didn’t know who was down there.
Outside Jungkook’s brows furrowed as he tried the door. It was still locked, he needed you to open it. All you had to do was unlock the door and he’d fix everything. What was Yoongi doing to you? His eyes passed over Taehyung clutching his neck and the man stepped back. Jimin looked confused, reaching out to grab at Tae’s jacket. The man sidestepped him, shaking his head,”Leave him alone.” He muttered, “Just leave him alone.” He warned. Not about to do that, Jimin approached Jungkook, uneasy about the way the man was looking at him. He was so close to getting you back and he was just standing there, waiting patiently.
Where were his emotions?
Jimin couldn’t manipulate him if he wasn’t showing anything.
He wasn’t even talking so Jimin had utterly no idea what he could possibly be thinking. He just stared at the doorknob as Yoongi and you yelled at each other inside. Jimin touched his arm,
“Jungkook..what are you thinking?”
“You didn’t love her.” He suddenly spoke.
“Your girlfriend.” Jungkook clarified, shifting his intent stare to Jimin’s appalled face. “I killed her and you’re asking me what I’m thinking..” He laughed quietly, “She thought you did…she really did. She kept saying you were coming to save her, she wouldn’t shut up.” The man flinched, heart sinking. Jungkook was just trying to get under his skin; just like he was when he started choking Tae. He was trying to get inside that room without actually doing anything, Jimin realized.
“You didn’t love your mother.” He countered angrily, “You saw her go inside the building and you didn’t do anything!” He pointed his finger at his face, “You let her die!”
“I know.” He replied easily, “I let her die; just like I let your girlfriend-”
“Shut up!” Jimin shouted, grabbing a fistful of the other man’s shirt, “You…You took her from me! She didn’t have anything to do with this, but you-”
“I took her because she was yours!” Jungkook spat, “I took her and I hurt her because I knew it would hurt you for the rest of your life! And now you’re a fucking mess who can’t even think straight for more than a few minutes. I won, Jimin! You’ve been hanging my mother’s death over my head for years, but I won.” He pushed against him, slamming him against the wall behind them, “And I’d do it again!” Jungkook watched as Jimin cried, the veins in his arms bulging as he fought against him. Jimin headbutted him, stunning him enough to shove him back against the bedroom door. Under their combined weight and force the door buckled, splintering as the lock still held but the wood gave way.
Jungkook could see inside the room; now all he needed to do was push back the barricade. Jimin was clawing at him, unintelligible screams tumbling from his lips. In the hall, Tae quietly stepped back.
It seemed Namjoon was getting the Jungkook he wanted.
You found a screwdriver of all things stashed at the very back of the cabinet and started unscrewing the lock, hoping that all the shouting would keep Yoongi distracted. Jungkook and Jimin’s screams had blended into a indiscernible chorus. It was scary. Just as you were finishing up the first screw on the knob, the door swung open and Yoongi grabbed your wrist, pulling you up onto your feet. As you were tugged across the room your gaze locked with Jungkook’s through the door, still partially held upright by the barricade. His eyes widened and you instinctively headed towards him, but Yoongi pulled harder.
“He’s not going to help us.” Yoongi hissed,”He’s going to kill you.” He started pushing you through the window, but you held your ground, hands pressing against the window ledge. “Y/N, stop it! I’m trying to protect you, what the fuck are you doing?!”
“I want Jeon!” You shrieked, “You escape if you want but I want Jeon!” His chest pressed up against your back trying to force you through,
“Y/N, they killed Jin and Hoseok and they’ll kill me and you. I’m trying to protect you, I thought you trusted me?” He pleaded softly, forcing your arms to tuck at your sides so he could get you through. “I’ve let your whole family die, just let me help you.” You had gone slack in his arms; your brother was dead this whole time? Suddenly he was shouting at you, “Yes! Your brother’s dead because of them! I said I loved you to protect you from them and you’re trying to go back to them! Now get the fuck out the window before I fucking throw you, Y/N!”
There were loud crashing sounds as the door was finally opened fully. Jungkook stood there, Namjoon grinning behind him as Tae restrained Jimin. Jungkook stared thoughtfully at you and Yoongi, his arms wrapped around you and you resisting being pushed through the window. He was trying to leave with you? Jungkook smiled,
“Y/N. Come here.”
You started crying at the sound of Jungkook’s voice and Yoongi honestly didn’t know what to do now. “Please,” He whispered, “Just trust me. You kissed me, I know you trust me, Y/N.”
Jungkook’s smile fell, “You kissed him?” He echoed, stepping closer to Yoongi. He chuckled, “You kissed him?” Yoongi covered you with his body, fully expecting Jungkook to pull you away, but Jeon’s hands gripped him, throwing him back onto the floor. Stumbling back onto the floor, you looked back just as Jungkook was kicking at Yoongi’s side. The man jumped violently, his hand pressing to his ribs as the other tried to block the next one. “Did you like it?” Jungkook asked, gripping Yoongi’s collar to inspect his face. His dark eyes passed over his expressionless face, “Come on, Yoongi, tell me how it felt.” He dared him, “I already know you don’t feel anything for her, right?”
“Right.” Yoongi softly agreed. You furrowed your brows, eyes widening. He didn’t..He didn’t feel anything? Yoongi closed his eyes, “I’ve been..I’ve just been copying what I’ve seen Jungkook do with you and it’s worked.” He admitted, “You fell for it so easily, I couldn’t resist. I’ve been protecting you because I felt bad for killing Jin’s brother and he loved you so much..I..” Yoongi glanced at you, “Jin’s dead now though, and I was stupid in thinking that helping you now would mean anything to him. He’d dead, him and Hoseok. I killed them.” He bit down on his lip when Jungkook slammed him back on the ground, “It was fun though.” he told you, “It was fun pretending to love you, Y/N.” Jungkook raised his fist.
“Stop!” You screamed, pushing at Jungkook, “Jeon, stop! Leave him alone!” He ignored you, pushing you behind him. Your leg was on fire and you weren’t strong enough to stop Jungkook from beating on Yoongi. How could the man who had protected you so earnestly just come out and say he was pretending? Why had he given up? You looked to Namjoon who was frowning.
Jungkook was supposed to take his anger out on you, not Yoongi.
Namjoon needed Yoongi alive to see that all he had worked for was going to burn.
He nudged Tae, telling him to let go of Jimin. He would be a good distraction for Jungkook for a bit. As soon as Taehyung’s grip loosened, Jimin’s eyes shifted from Jungkook to you and you started to the window.
Tae furrowed his brows, why were you running?
But then he felt Jimin slip from him, rushing to catch up to you. You forced yourself through the window, letting go of the pane in a panic when you felt Jimin’s fingers try to grip your arm. Yoongi had tossed all the blankets and pillows onto the overhang and while it cushioned your fall a bit, it did nothing to stop the pain that shot up your leg.
Looking up you heard Jungkook and Yoongi screaming your name, but only saw Jimin climbing out the window. Quickly, you shoved the bed set and pillows off the overhang and jumped to the ground floor, barely missing the pillows.
Jimin had landed on the overhang, throwing one foot over it as he prepared to jump. He was eerily silent, but dead set on reaching you, his burning stare locked on you only.
Up on the second floor Jungkook was forcing his way out the window, screaming for you. You started to run, ignoring the pain in your leg and the blood soaking your bandages.
Jimin had made it the the ground level, quickly gaining after you while Jungkook barely made it to the overhang.
So you shut your eyes and just ran.
Jimin is a big no a guy you stay away from
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No thought other than run!
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