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NamjoonXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst
Wearing something as revealing as a strapless dress with an open back made you cringe. The dress barely managed to cover your butt. Not to mention the really uncomfortable heels that were higher than Mount Everest. These were the ones your mom gave you to meet some new people during the company dinner. You were surprised that she actually convinced you to wear such absurd clothing. You knew she just wanted you to meet a guy after finding out that you and Jae Hwan were just friends. You remember her saying something like “I arrange blind dates so you can get a boyfriend and get married, not for you to make useless friends!” Maybe another reason why you didn’t have friends was her? You were too annoyed at her stupid obsession with you getting married to care anymore. You had thought of a reason of why she was so obsessed, maybe it was because she never had her dream wedding, that’s why she’s forcing you to get married so you can have the wedding she never had. You had a glass of wine in your hands when this guy started tripping towards you. You tried to dodge him but you weren’t fast enough. He grabbed your arm and pulled you towards him. “Hey there beautiful! Wanna drink?” He laughed with hiccups in between. You sighed, shaking his hand off your arm. “I already have a drink.” You told him, before finishing the glass and grabbing another as the waiter passed by. He just continued to laugh before passing out on the ground. You chugged down the glass again, asking what your life was before heading outside for some fresh air. You felt a bit tipsy from all the wine you had. You didn’t intend to drink so much, but you were having a rough week with seeing Namjoon again and it threw you off. You noticed someone outside. Of course it was Namjoon. It was always Namjoon. You heard him talking to Eun Hye. “Listen to me, I’m not interested. I’m sorry.” He said very clearly before Eun Hye scoffed at him and left. He sighed, turning around. You tried to hide but you were too slow and he caught your eyes in his. “Quit following me.” He laughed, brushing his hair back.
“In your dreams.” You replied with a giggle, walking towards him. Being tipsy and in ridiculously tall high heels was not a good combination. You ended up falling forwards with Namjoon catching you right on time. “Jeez, how much did you drink?” He asked, annoyed at the fact that you would carelessly get drunk. He noticed your revealing dress and felt upset that you would never dress like that in front of him when you were dating. “A lot, but I’m not drunk.” You snapped. He sat you down on the bench. You giggled as you kicked off your shoes. “Ahhhh, I feel so much better now.” He sighed but noticed the scratches on your ankle. “Are these from your heels?” He asked, bending down for a better look. You struggled and continued to laugh. He took out some bandages from his wallet and carefully placed them on your scratches. You remembered telling him to always keep bandages with him because he would either hurt himself or other people, it was a joke, but he still did it. He quickly went inside to ask the bellboy something, not long after the bellboy came back with slippers from the hotel. He slipped them on your feet before standing up again. “There, now you’ll feel much better. And don’t wear those shoes again.” You stared at him with a huge smile on your face. “Namjooon~ stop being so nice to me!” You yelled, he was startled by you sudden outburst but stood by your side. You rubbed your bare arms and yawned. “I’m cold…” He sighed and placed his blazer over your shoulders. 
“Stop wearing such revealing clothes. I can’t believe your boyfriend let you do this.” He complained. “Jae Hwan isn’t my boyfriend. He just said that to make you jealous.” You confessed innocently. “And why would he want to make me jealous?” He chuckled, staring down at you. “Because I’m still in love with you.” You mumbled, staring up and straight into his eyes. He froze at your words. “What?”
this story will be the death of me
welp the cats out of the bag now!!!!
Cliffhanger what no!!!!!!😱😱😱
what! I would never say such a things.....oh wait it's fanfic it's really not me haha ha ha ^///^ lol love it
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