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JiminXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst/Smut
Jimin’s POV
“Oh, Will I now?” you smirk 
‘man that smirk looks good’ he licked his lips, ‘wait what? No way.. I did not just think that’ he moved closer to you. You just rolled your eyes and moved away. 
“What do you want Jimin?” you cross your arms. He appreciated your figure, you were smiling. It wasn’t a happy smile, but a playful one
‘man she really is pretty’ 
“Well, If you have nothing to say, I’m gonna go to school” you laugh it off. You grab your bag and head out of your room, “she’s a playful one” he says to himself. 
You come downstairs and your dad and Jimin’s parents are chatting. Mina noticed you walking downstairs, “Going now?”
“Yeah” you nod
“Is Jimin not going with you? You guys do go to the same school after all”
“well…” that’s when you feel an arm wrap around your shoulder. You quickly turn around to see Jimin, “Of course we’re going together” he smiles 
Your POV
You and Jimin walk outside. He takes his arm off you almost immediately after you step out the door, you cheekily look up at him, “Oh? I thought you didn’t want to get close to me” 
His cheeks flushed, “I-I don’t! It was just a way to get out of the house without any questions asked, okay?” 
“Sure” You start walking down the road, when halfway you realize that you have no idea how to get to school. So you turn back around and you spot Jimin with a devilish smirk on his face as his arms cross over his chest. “Lost, princess?” he coos
“Shut up. How do you get to school”
“Here, I’ll drive you. We live pretty far away from the school”
“I’ve noticed. But you could just show me the bus routes and-”
“Bus?” He mocks, “That isn’t how things work around here baby. Let me show you the ways” He gestures his arms towards his car. The both of you get in. While driving, you plugged in your headphones and played your own music. Jimin notices this gesture and breaks the silence, “what kind of music do you like?” 
You looked at him, “Is Park Jimin actually trying to converse with me?” 
“Would you shut the hell up. I’m not used to letting people into this car, I thought Maybe it could be nice, but no” 
You laugh, “Does that mean I’m special?” You pretend to batter your eyelashes and fawn over him. 
“N-No! Jeez. You know what? Never mind” 
“I kid I kid! I like any music really. Just anything that can really get me moving, you know?” He only hums in response, carefully watching the road. His cell phone rings and he presses a button on the steering wheel, answering the call
“Jiminie~” His eyes widen and so do yours. You try not to burst out laughing and he notices, “Taehyung! I swear to god I’m going to kill you! I told you not to call me that!” You could hear giggles over the phone, “What do you want??” 
“Your uhh… girlfriend? Keeps on bothering me, asking where you are. Could you hurry up? She’s getting kind of annoying…- Jimin?? Jiminnn~” 
You look at him at the sudden change of voice on the phone. It was a girl. You could hear Taehyung trying to snatch back his phone in the background.
“Jimin~ Baby~ Where are you?? I miss you”
“I’m driving, I’ll be there soon” He hung up the phone and you could see the red from his cheeks on the tip of his ears. 
“Jiminie~” you mock, “Jiminie baby~ Seriously?!” You burst out laughing and the blush on his face turned a deep crimson. You wiped tears away, “I guess I just found out your weakness” you smile. 
“S-Shut Up! I don’t want to hear that. Especially from you.” 
“Who was that? Is it your girlfriend?” 
He sighed, “Yeah” 
“Why are you sighing? It’s your girlfriend” 
“I know… I just… well… She’s a beauty, but it’s all looks and no brains. She can get Really annoying” 
“Ahh, Park Jimin is having romance dilemma’s I see”
“Not really”
“Well, did you try breaking up with her?” you asked as he turned the corner into the school parking lot, “Yes, actually. Several times..”
“wow” you chuckle, “She really is no brains then”
“I know!” He parked the car but the both of you stayed inside for a bit, “I let her down the easy way. But when that didn’t work I tried the.. hard way?”
“And what would that be?”
“Texted her” 
He giggled, “Who would’ve known you had a personality” you both got out of the car 
“That’s pretty rude, but I can’t help say the same for you” you smile. Once the two of you entered the door you went separate ways, “See you later, Jiminie” You coo, blowing him a kiss, “You know” he says, “The name doesn’t sound half bad coming from you”
i cant with this story its messing with my fells a lot and idk what to do. i hate it but i love it at the same time lol . i hate it cause its to short and it keeps me wondering about the next chapter but i love it because it gets me soooo exited about whats happening and it gives me good feels and makes me fan-girl so much lol any ways i just love it, its a really good story please tag me in the next updates please
Now this is interesting. Tag me in the next one please.😉😉😉😉😉
ho ho ho! this is the beginning of a beautiful story lol 😜 😉
Awwwww ~~ ;)
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