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Love comes in many different forms. With Valentine's Day coming up, love may come in the form of a box of chocolates. When it comes to marriage, love may come in the form of a diamond ring. There are many ways to express your love for your significant other.

Well, for Manny Machado, the star third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles, true love comes in the form of a tattoo.

Not just any tattoo...

a tattoo of his wife's face.

I mean, I respect and support his love for his wife, that's entirely his business. But I could probably never get a tattoo of my wife's entire face on my arm.

Would you ever get a tattoo of your significant other's face on your arm?

awwwww rookie mistake. the relationship is DOOMED now.
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@nicolejb Hopefully their love is everlasting!
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@r2thefried Hahaha you a Manny Machado fan?
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