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It's time to announce the weekly hashtag for Funny Community's Talk feature!

This week, we're kicking off February with a hashtag dedicated to love - and the Spice Girls. Because this is the Funny Community, and a little 90s nostalgia goes a long way.

The weekly hashtag is #IfYouWannaBeMyLover.

What does someone have to do if they want to be YOUR lover? If you wrote the song 'Wannabe', how would YOU have finished that lyric? (Because, let's be real, 'you gotta get with my friends' is kind of awkward advice.)

I just added the first response!

Now it's YOUR turn!

1. Go to the Funny Community's main page.

2. Click 'See All' on Popular Talks.

3. Add your response to the official Community Talk section!

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@RobertMarsh Hahahaha I get it.
forgive this old man @danidee 미안해!
@RobertMarsh It's okaaaay. :( I've just been trying to get this fun game started in the Community Talk section for the past couple weeks now, and it's been hard trying to get people to catch on. If there was a way I could remove hashtags, I would!
I'm sorry... I know there are lots of people who love hashtags...I hope they will join
#ifyouwannabemylover you have to be a girl who's confident and sexy. I like the innocent girl act but just seeing a woman walk down the street looking like she owns the world is hot. Sorry for my honesty