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Hello everyone, I'm one of the lovely mods of this community and since this is my second month as being mod here, I would love to hear from all the different Fandoms and see if we call pull us all together. This is an easy post. I'm going to put up a few tv shows that I watch that is not SPN and I would like you to do the same. I'm inviting doctor who and Sherlock. To the party too!
I really want this ship to happen on sleepy hallow. I'm all for it.
Grimm, I love it and it's gritty at times. I like orphan black, doctor who, lost girl... I'm just Fandom crazy when it comes to this... To my friends please chime in. I would love perhaps make a mix and match game that encompassing all the TV series Fandoms that don't get light!
Ah cool. All the other tv shows I watch are Korean Dramas haha
YES FANDOM PARTY!!! I can get behind Ichabod and Abby... but my TRUE otp for Sleepy Hollow is Ichabod and Jenny ^_^ also forever sad that John Cho and Orlando Jones aren't on anymore. @poojas you're living the dream XD
@LAVONYORK ditto I figured she'd be around longer. I miss Orlando so much he always had great commentary after the show aired
@shannonl5 I agree :( I loved those characters! I was actually surprised when they killed off Ichabod's wife.