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he's not nerdy he's a freaking hipster lol I don't know about yall but socially awkward nerdy guys are the best :) I met my boyfriend in the library he was playing pokemon wearing a sword art online shirt & let me tell you he doesn't have a six pack or a nice jaw line or a beard & he's kind of socially awkward lol but most of you girls want a pretty boy with glasses lmao like wtf yall are missing out on the sweet awkward dude hiding behind a video game waiting to sweep you off your feet lol & guys don't be afraid to show off your nerdy side some girls dig that!
Awwww cute story!! personalities are better than looks in my opinion!
I love this!! :D Socially awkward guys are so cute lol. I like the surprisingly cute ones who other girls ignore because they can't see past the Gameboy hahaha ;D
Haha, so true! And people think JGL is nerdy? Waaat? Haha
Woah cool 馃槉馃槏
I completely agree with you 馃槍
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