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I stared at the empty plate on the table. Where was he? It’s not safe to be out this late, especially as an idol.
“He’s fine. He just wanted some extra practice.” I shot Namjoon a worried look. “Fine I’ll call him.” I watched him dial the number and bring the phone to his ear. “Voicemail. See? I told you, he’s probably working so hard he didn’t even hear his phone ring.”
“Do you worry about me like this when I’m gone Jagi?”
“Tae I worry about you even when you’re here sitting next to me.” The members laughed at my dry comment, and Tae looked slightly offended.
“Yah! What is that supposed to mean?”
“It means she worries about your sanity,” Jimin snorted.
“Well. You don’t seem to worry about my sanity in the bedroom,” Tae smirked. I felt my cheeks become hot.
“Please spare us the details,” Yoongi muttered. I heard a car door slam outside, and used it as an excuse to escape from the awkward situation.
“Kookie’s home. I’ll get the door.” I stood up and ran to the door, not waiting for any of the others members to respond.
I looked out the window by the front door, and saw a car I didn’t recognize.
“Jaycee!” I froze. That was Kookie. But why was he yelling my sister’s name? “You told me to wait, and I did. But you’re right, we’re not officially dating yet. Jaycee Norton, if you’re willing to spend 100 times the amount of time I waited for you, with me, then will you be my girlfriend?” He was right outside the door. I looked through the small peep hole in the door, and saw Jungkook embracing my sister. My sister? Who’s supposed to be in America? She still has six more months of school to finish. What the heck was she doing in South Korea?!
“Jungkook... I-”
“Her answer is no.” The two jumped apart at the sound of my voice.
“Paisley-” Ignoring Jungkook, I shifted my gaze at my younger sister, who was shuffling her feet, and refusing to look me in the eye.
“What are you doing here?”
“Pais it’s ok. She’s done with her studies, and-“
“Get inside the house Jeon Jungkook.” His eyes widened at the stern tone, and use of his full name. He briskly walked past me, and into the house.
“You can’t take it out on him.”
“I can do what I want. Now explain why you’re here when you haven’t finished your studies.”
“Sis, I was so bored! All of the classes are too easy, and not a challenge at all. I couldn’t take it anymore.” My face softened at her reason. I understood. She was too smart for her own good, and school just didn’t present her with any challenges. I mean, she learned Korean in less than a year. The girl had too much time on her hands.
“Fine... But I don’t approve of you not telling me that you were coming.”
“I didn’t really know I was either. I bought the ticket the day before the flight.” I didn’t even know you could do that. “Sis I’m smart. It’s called finding loopholes in the system.” As always, she could read me like a book.
“Well get inside, it’s cold as crap out here.”
“Says the one who’s in a tank top and shorts.”
“Not like I was planned on coming outside. I was just gonna open the door for Kookie.”
“You can’t call him Kookie anymore.” I snorted.
“What, do you own him now? Remember you haven’t said yes yet.”
“Only because you interrupted me.”
“Yah! Just get inside.”
The heat of fireplace felt so nice on my cold body. As did the warm body I was laying next to.
“You just had to go outside in a tank top and shorts when it’s like ten degrees,” Tae muttered.
“The cold never bothered me anyway?”
“Your Disney lines don’t work on me Jagi. Those two got close pretty quickly.” I glanced over at Jungkook and my sister on the couch. The two had fallen asleep in each other’s arms after my sister accepted Kookie’s offer to be his girlfriend. I laughed at the memory of his face when we came back in.
We were met with seven pairs of eyes, one of which was in utter panic mode.
“I’m sorry Paisley. I didn’t ask you for your permission before asking her out, and I just kind of assumed you would be ok with it-” Jaycee had interrupted his rambling with a kiss. When they broke apart, Kookie’s eyes glanced toward me in fear. I gave him a wink and a smirk before walking off to find Tae.
"Jagi," Tae mumbled in my ear. I snuggled my face in the crook of his neck. He began to trace small circles on my stomach. "I love you." He kissed my forehead.
"We should try again," I mumbled.
"I wanna get married first." I lifted my upper body up to look him in the eyes. "Why do you look so surprised Jagi?" He had a playful smirk on his face, mocking the complete shock in my eyes.
“I just wasn’t really expecting you to say that, I guess.”
“It wouldn’t be anytime soon though. Maybe two years.”
“What about the military...” Tae knew how I felt about him going into the military. It scared me beyond comprehension. I had always been like that. I had sworn to myself I could never marry someone who was in the military. I respect those who do, but with my condition, I couldn’t handle having my loved one so far away from me for such long periods of time. I hadn’t realized how deep in thought I had become until Tae lightly bonked my head.
“Yah, don’t worry about that right now. I’ll apply to be a conscripted policeman, serve my two years, and come back to you like I wasn’t even gone.” It made me shake just thinking about it. “Jagi?”
“I can’t do it Tae. I just can’t.” I pushed myself out of the blanket cocoon and ran to our room, leaving a worried Tae behind me on the couch.
I knew how she felt about the military. I understood, but it’s not like I have a choice. I still had quite a while until that happened though. I was only 23. Yes, I wanted to marry her in two years, but I was scared of what would happen to her for the two years I would leave her alone.
“She could go back to America for those two years.” I watched Jin sit on the other side of the couch. “She never went to college, so she doesn’t have any education past a high school diploma. It’ll be pretty hard for her to get a sustainable job.”
“She always talks about how boring it is just sitting around. Even with the job she has now, she’s bored.”
“She’s not really the kind of person who can sit around and do nothing all day. Go talk to her, maybe bring up the idea.” I nodded. It was a really good idea. Hopefully Pais would be for it.
“Back to America?!” Was it too much to be hopeful? “I can’t go back there.”
“Pais just listen to my idea.”
“You’re telling me that you’re going into the military, AND that you want me to leave and go back to America?!”
“Just for a couple years! You don’t even know what I’m thinking Pais!”
“Fine. Talk.”
“When I’m departed, go back to America, and go to college.”
“Tae, I can go to college here.”
“It’s way harder to get into college here then it is in America.”
“Are you saying I’m not smart enough to get into a college here?”
“No I’m just saying that it’s a better idea overall to go back to America.”
“What would I even get a degree in.”
“Teaching.” Her face said it all. Her eyes were wide and her mouth had clamped shut. “I know it’s what you’ve always wanted to do.”
“How did you...”
“Have some faith in your boyfriend Jagi. I’m not completely insane.”
“I never said you were love. I’ll think about it. We still have a while to go.”
“What about getting married?”
“Yah you haven’t even proposed, so don’t even think about it until you do,” I smirked.
“Then I guess I’ll just have to think about mini me running around our house instead.” She lightly slapped my head.
“You have to marry me first before that’s ever going to happen!”
“But Jagi,” I smirked. “Accidents happen.”
Guys, I think it's quickly coming to an end. It's not over yet, but a few more chapters, and I'm pretty sure this story will be completed. I might have one more twist to throw at you guys but I haven't decided yet. It would add about 3 or 4 more chapters maybe? Not sure. Enjoy!
i dont think im ready for this story to end
I love it ! ❤ I don't wanna end this story ...It is too awesome! 😢❤❤❤😘😍
*internal screaming* this is such a good story! I hope you write another one after this is finished!
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@11erinmims i completely understand. I'll be looking forward to those new stories :)
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