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The feels are strong with this come back. Before I only knew Mino and I enjoyed their debut stuff but I wasn't attached to the group really. This time around though they are coming hard for my feels. One man in particular, I'm just like please stop I can't take this right now.
First up is Sentimental and right out the gate I'm like who are you blonde sir?
Next one I watched was Baby Baby and the whole time I'm like, I need to find out who the blonde one is. He's so sad I just want to give him a hug.
The last one is I'm Young and what do you know it's Mr. Blonde's Solo. I'm all I so have to research this boy. He came hard for the feels and is looking damn fine with that blonde hair. Sir just sit down and stop making me cry.
Turns out his name is Nam Taehyun He's the f'in maknae! I NEVER PICK THE MAKNAE! I always go for the rapper of the group, or the one with the strongest jawline known to man. How has this come to be? Good thing he is only two years younger than me so it doesn't make me feel so bad. It's not like when BTS first debuted and I'm like stay as far away from the lower half as you can you will go to jail. I guess I just have to live with my bias of Winner being the maknae. Come to noona~
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@MaeLyn I'm bad with names so it takes me longer to figure it all out.
@SugaOnTop you'll get it though. I believe in you. Fighting! Haha
He is so beautiful and his voice melts me. Taehyun is my bias for sure. Watch win who is next. Gives a good look into their early career predebut also has IKON in it as well. The two groups compete to debut. I loved it. also has some prebut jyp artists in it from when YG and JP battled. A few from got7 ;)
prebut? hahaha pre debut
@Vay754 I heard about it I just never watched it