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I recently came across some discussion about WHY "anime fans stopped watching anime movies," and I realized that I wasn't sure if that statement was even true?
I watched anime movies as a kid (read: Pokemon & Digimon), but since then, the only ones I have watched were ones people highly recommended (and there's only one or two) or related to an anime series I really loved (like Madoka Magika).

So that got me wondering: do anime fans still watch movies?

I can think of a few reasons why they might not. For example, the discrepancies with streaming and time until availability with subs is probably a huge factor, because I know a lot of movies aren't simulcast & even if you can find them, waiting for the to be subbed can take quite a while. So if you don't speak Japanese, you're out of luck.
Movie pictured: Welcome to the Space Show

Not only that, but there's also the feeling that movies are kind of "one and done."

I know a lot of fans like to binge watch anime so it's the same concept in theory, but for many fans the idea of watching anime & then coming to a place (like our Nakama here ^^) to discuss the ongoing show / what might happen / etc. Sure, you can do that with a movie, but is it really the same?
Movie pictured: The Garden of Words


The reason I don't watch many largely has to do with pacing. If I'm watching a movie (of any kind, not just anime movies) it's usually because I'm cleaning my room or doing something else & I just want background noise. If I'm sitting down to actually watch something, I prefer the pacing of watching 4 regular length episodes than watching one 2-hour movie.
Does that make sense? Not really, but it works better for me!
Movie Pictured: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

So now I'll ask the question: Do you watch them? Why or why not?

Movie Pictured: Children Who Chase Lost Voices
I love anime movies. They always have a completely different feel to them than an anime. My guess is that every anime movie I've seen has been seen by everyone else since they're pretty famous and older movies. Movies like Spirited Away, The Wolf Children, Princess Mononoke, Howls Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro are some of the best movies. At the end I either feel a sense of satisfaction/happiness that they got a happy ending or I feel empty because I never wanted it to end. This is what anime movies does to me. We all go through terrible times and then we either are happy or feel like we could've been happy but aren't. I love anime, don't get me wrong, I'm just saying they both have a different feeling to each other. One more thing is, if I know a movie will be good but it doesn't have the English subtitles doesn't mean I won't watch it. I have patience (somewhat) but patience nonetheless to wait so I can fall in love with another anime movie 馃馃鈽猴笍鈽猴笍馃馃
I do sometimes anything from old studio Ghibli, and tekkonkinkreet are favorites.
Yes especially if they are movies from anime series. Ones that aren't like that I watch is all StudioGhibli films and Akira
Ok I'll save it @SasiaWalz
I still watch them because they still tell good stories
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