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Henry twitter/weibo update
打乒乓!!![哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈] Enjoy a game of table tennis!!![haha][haha][haha][haha] (4 hours ago) 남산타워갔다왔다!! 다음에 나랑같이가고싶은사람있어!?!? went and came back from Namsan tower!! Is there anyone who wanna go with me the next time!?!? (3 hours ago) 今天在韩国的南山玩! 下一次有没有人要跟我一起玩呢?![哈哈][爱你] Today i'm playing to Namsan Korea! Is there anyone who want to play with me next time?![haha][love you] (3 hours ago)
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