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Maybe this is a bit "removed" of me, but I have never picked a favorite studio.

For me, it's pretty hit or miss between studios (though some are obviously better than others), but which studio something is from rarely is the deciding factor for whether or not I'll watch something. It might be part of the decision, sure, but it's not going to be the main part!

Do you have a favorite studio?

Why is it your favorite?

I know @VoidX did some cards introducing studios & what they're known for (I think? A while back?) but I'm interested in learning more about why people gravitate towards certain studios so I can pay more attention to their ~individual charms~!!! So teach me, please! ^-^
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2 years ago·Reply
who are the people in the armor next to the dbz characters in the last pic
2 years ago·Reply
@AngelusLapis its saint seiya
2 years ago·Reply
kyoAni,A-1,madhouse,J.C and yeah sunrise is pretty good
2 years ago·Reply
Shaft & Sunrise!!
2 years ago·Reply