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Welcome to this week's edition of 'Who Said It'!

Every week, I ask put two different popular movies, roles, or actors head-to-head to see if you can identify who said what.

This week, I am returning to the GREAT MICHAEL CERA MOVIE QUOTE SHOWDOWN. Last time, I did 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist' against 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World', but this time, it's all about Michael Cera's high school movies - 'Juno' and 'Superbad'.

The rules are simple:

1) Read the quote in your best Michael-Cera-mid-puberty voice.
2) Guess which movie he said it in: 'Juno' or 'Superbad'.
3) Swipe the quote to the left to reveal the right answer.
4) Share your results below!

Will you be able to tell the difference?

Quote #1:

Quote #2:

Quote #3:

Quote #4:

Quote #5:

Quote #6:

So, do you know your Michael Cera movies? Did you get them all right?

Let me know in the comments below!

I haven't seen either movie lol
finally passed one I only got one wrong lol
4 out of 6 yay!! better than I thought since I've never seen superbad ;P
5 outta 6
I missed one 馃槶 I love both these movies I feel so bad for missing the the last one...
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