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*blushes* I don't know exactly how this happened..... But I guess I tell you the story I know ❤❤
The room was quiet. Rays of sunshine peeked through the blinds, creating a soft glow in the room. Her body was exhausted but the wheel in her head kept turning. She had to finish the report before 9am, and with the computer screen flashing 7:32am, the anxiety was eating at her. She had stayed up all night calculating the numbers, moving her fingers across the keyboard, and scrolling through dreadful documents. "I'm almost there," she whispered to herself quietly. Namjoon stirred around in the bed behind her. He reached out to feel for his girlfriend's warmth but instantly sat up when he noticed that her side of the bed was cold and empty. "Sai?" he said with a rough tone. "Hmm?" she instinctively responded to her boyfriend's call. "What are you doing?" He rubbed his eyes and crawled out of bed, walking over to her "Finishing these last reports." He stood behind her, eyeing how exhausted her face appeared when he leaned in over her shoulder. "Did you not go to bed last night?" his voice was soft with concern. "No. This is more important than sleep," she replied back without batting an eye.
"Aishh, Sai," he sighed and leaned his head on her shoulder. "You need to rest." "I will. After I finish the last paragraph," her fingers stroked the keyboard mindlessly. He turned her chair around and placed his hands on either sides of the chair, trapping her in. His face was upset but his eyes were gentle, she reached up and stroked his cheek with her finger, watching his lip quiver when her index finger brushed by it. "Please go to bed," he commanded. His close proximity and worried tone made her swoon. "I will, just let me..... finish," she breathed. "You're pushing yourself too much. Bed. Now." "I'm almost done, I promise," she blushed when she noticed that he was still in his boxers only. He lowered his head and leaned his forehead on her shoulder once more. She wrapped her arms around his head and kissed his outer collarbone softly. "Please don't be mad, I love you." He looked up and gave her a small smile, "I love you too, but you need to rest, darling." "I will, soon. I'm almost done, promise," she smiled encouragingly. He stood up and tucked a lock of her behind her ear, "if you're not done and in bed by the time I get out of the shower, you're in trouble," he scolded. She nodded in agreement then turned back around to finish the report.
She finished and hit the send button just as Namjoon left to shower. After shutting down her laptop and stretching, she changed into a pair of shorts and one of Namjoon's t-shirts and crawled under the covers; rolling over to his side of the bed to indulge herself in her boyfriend's scent and warmth. "To think that I almost lost you so long ago over stupid drama," she sighed, remembering a stupid rumor that occurred between Namjoon and an actress while they had first started their relationship. Her eyes got heavier and heavier each passing moment. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep with a smile on her lips.
Namjoon and Sai had met at a music store in Seoul, by then, she knew who he was but only thought about him as a friend. He would talk to her when he needed to rant, he would look for her in the crowds when they'd preform, and the other members had even told her that he wouldn't shut up about her when they were on tour. Sai had always checked in with him during the day, making sure he had eaten and that he didn't have something eating at him. She had brought him and the members food multiple times when they would practice late nights, and even get along with the staff and managers when they were around too. Namjoon had plucked her out of her small world and exposed her to his universe. They were the best of friends until Namjoon confessed his feelings to her via song. Since then, they had been inseparable to the point where living together with Namjoon and the other members was like joining a happy family.
The creaking sound of the door opening entered her dreams, her subconscious had woken up but her eyes remained closed. Pressure sunk the other side of the bed, making her reach out and lay an arm across her boyfriend's broad chest. A soft moan vibrated in her throat when she shifted her legs to get comfortable. Underneath her arm she felt Namjoon's chest raise and fall softly, causing her heart to flutter when images of his peaceful sleeping face filled her head. The pressure on the mattress shifted, making her pull her hand back and held it to her chest, preparing to be embraced by Namjoon.
After a long moment, Sai's eyebrows furrowed. <<Why isn't he cuddling with me? Is he still mad at me for pulling an all nighter?>> She thought, sticking her bottom lip out so Namjoon could see that she was waiting for him. No response. "Namjoon..." she finally moaned, reaching out to touch her boyfriend once more. "Wrong. Golden Maknae here, reporting for duty!" Her eyes tore open. JungKook smiled mischievously back at her, making Sai push herself away and fall off the bed. JungKook laughed, "I know my beauty is flawless but you don't have to be scared of me, noona." "Why are you here?" she yelled, angry for believing that Namjoon was actually there. "Your and hyung's bed is much more comfortable, I wanted to sleep here with you two," he winked. "JungKook? What are you doing here?" Namjoon said when he walked in in just shorts. "Visiting!" Kookie laughed. "Giving me heartattack!" Sai bellowed back when she finally stood up. Namjoon chuckled, "Okay okay, fun's over. Get outta here, I gotta change and Sai has to sleep." "Fine," Kookie sighed the hopped off the bed. "You were pretty cute when you thought I was hyung, trying to cuddle with me and all," he winked at her. "Shut up!" she punched him in the arm as he walked out. "Oh? So you wanted to cuddle?" Namjoon slips his arms around her waist when the door finally closed. "Nevermind, I'm wide awake now," she crossed her arms across her chest and pouted. "Well in that case," Namjoon pulled back. "Wait! I'm tired! And cold! Please cuddle with me!" she threw her arms around him. He laughed, "That's more like it." Namjoon picked her up and laid her back on the bed, then pulled her in close and kissed her head, stroking her hair as he watched her eyes slowly get drowsy with sleep. "Am I still getting in trouble for staying up all night?" Sai asked sleepily. "I'll think about it. For now, just rest," Namjoon smiled and closes his eyes with her smiling expression on his mind.
Thanks for reading! Tried to make this as cute as possible! X3 Didn't expect it to be so Rap Mon heavy! :o I got so use to writing in 2nd person that of felt weird writing in 1st so I ended up taking the 3rd person view point instead. XD ❤❤❤❤ (Credit to creator of the game!)
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