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It only took two whole years.

When it comes to makeup, we look for two things in specific: quality products and waterproof products. Although more companies have been stepping their game up when it comes to waterproof cosmetics, as women we would have to second guess crying and taking dips in the pool when it came to a lot of our favorite products. One of those products happen to Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. This mascara is the holy grail of holy grails and if you own a tube than you will know exactly how truthful my above statement is.
The only thing this mascara was missing was the waterproof factor, but those days are officially over with and we couldn't be more excited. It only took two years, which is long enough -- but it could've taken way longer, so I won't complain. Now you don't have to worry about your mascara running, ever. Not only is the mascara now waterproof, but the new formula contains a conditioning treatment known as porcelain flower which will bring your lashes the moisture they need throughout the day. Totally worth the wait, right? Well, I'll let you be the judge of that. The new and improved mascara hits the shelves March 1 and of course, Too Faced couldn't release an updated formula without updating the packaging as well. I guess they do live by their motto, 'go hard or go home'. If you were a fan of the original than you're bound to fall in love with the updated version, keep your fingers crossed.

Ladies, how important is waterproof mascara to you?

What's your favorite brand? Will you be investing?
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to remove waterproof mascara, i usually use icare pads great for removing eye makeup and then I wash my eyes out with baby Johnsons baby shampoo using warm water, its totally great! When I was younger I use to get a lot of eye infections due to eye makeup, so my opticion recommended I clean out my eyes properly, now I hardly have any eye infections!
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Wow!! Great tips. I never even thought to use baby shampoo. I will have to give that a try one day. Thanks @RumiBegum
2 years ago·Reply
The Best way to clean water proof Mascara is to use Petroleum Jelly, I always use it and love it. just tub in ur Lashes slowly and clean with a cotton ball or clean Napkins and u will love the Result I promise
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yeah, petroleum and coconut oil work in the same way. both are extremely great! @NaheedSadat thanks for sharing that tip.
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u Most welcome Jordanahamilton
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