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As we all know, moisturizing is a vital step when it comes to keeping our skin in tip top shape -- especially during the winter. If you skip moisturizing, you might as well skip every step thereafter. Well, it turns out that there happens to be a contender out there that might just be more vital to our skincare needs than we know. When it comes to beauty, Korean's have it down packed and this step happens to already be a step that they don't skip -- ever.
Introducing, face mist. You probably own a bottle of fix plus or something along those lines that is known to bring your face moisture and life. We typically moisturize our face during the morning and before bed. Korean women practice good skincare methods throughout the entire day and they focus on hydration, hence why you could probably catch them spritzing their face at any given moment. Yet, we wonder why and how their skin looks so flawless.
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When it comes to K-Beauty, the belief is that when hot temperatures take place, sebum begins to clog the pores which later results in breakouts and pimples. To prevent that, it's important to keep the skin hydrated and refreshed at all times.
Alicia Yoon [founder of K-Beauty site Peach & Lily] says, "there are mists that tone skin, set makeup, act as a serum to nourish skin throughout the day, or even cool skin down." She also goes as far as to say, "When your skin is dehydrated, its protective barrier gets weaker, which means collagen and elastin can break down faster, by keeping it well moisturized, you're setting yourself up for smoother, glowier skin in the long run." The Koreans have let us in on pretty much all of their beauty secrets, what are we waiting for?
Do you own a good face mist? If not, I suggest you get your hands on one state.
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Face mist* not face must
I also love your recommendations and will try them as well :)
thanks so much for the recommendation @MyAffairWith I love rose water so I'm going to have to get my hands on that and I'm glad that you appreciate my recommendations as well.
@jordanhamilton I do hope you like it. :)
thank you! @MyAffairWith