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The Kardashian's strike again.

As much as people hate to commend the Kardashian's on their entrepreneurship, they literally never stop grinding. Everywhere you look, it's either something about the Kardashian clan or the Jenner's. They may have gotten big based on circumstances, but we can't deny once they became big they made a name for themselves. If your kids are eating, you're going to want to eat too -- and that's exactly what Kris Jenner is doing. The mother of the clan has officially launched a jewelry line and it's better than expected. Kris teamed up with JOIA De Majorca to launch her daughter approved jewelry collection and she has officially released the first piece from her collection.
Although the collection only contains one item so far, the necklace happens to speak for itself. While retailing for $149.99 the multicolor pearls can be worn as both a necklace and bracelet -- so you're definitely getting a bang for your buck with this interchangeable piece of jewelry. How clever. While the Kardashian's happen to be a fashionable family and take pride in their looks, I never once doubted the stature of Kris's collection. I'm looking forward to seeing what other pieces she releases overtime. In the meantime, you can purchase your limited-edition interchangeable necklace [here]. If you purchase a necklace, Kris is generously giving away a free pair of pearl earrings that retail for $55.
@EasternShell I think the's smart. This is like a trial run for her. If she can nail it with pearls, then come the diamonds. The thing is, the market is flooded with diamonds and whatnot. I think she's extremely strategic, that's her strength.
@marshalledgar Pearls are a staple for me bc they're classic. As an entrepreneur, do you think she made the right choice. Is she limiting her market? I would think diamonds bc of proposals during Vday and anniversaries.
I'm a huge fan of pearls! And I love this convertible necklace Kris created. For all the nasty things people say about the Kardenners, regardless of how their fame began, it didn't end 10 years ago with a sex tape, it's continued because, mainly, they know how to run entrepreneurial businesses. I think they tirelessly work to grow their business ventures. And it's paid off.
I agree! this is just the first piece she's released from her collection, but I do think her first release should've been something a bit more extravagant. @humairaa
I definitely agree with you @marshalledgar despite the naysayers, the Kardashians are definitely doing big things and probably have so much more up their sleeve that we have absolutely no clue about and I agree, she should def come out with some diamonds.
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