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According to a new study, it is.
Abuse in general is never okay. But does a person get one up for yelling at you opposed to yelling at you and putting their hands on you -- or is it one in the same?
Does emotional abuse have the same long term affects as physical abuse?
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Thy are both bad.
2 years ago·Reply
yes and think that verbal abuse is sometimes worst than physical abuse..with verbal abuse u can damage a person emotionally
2 years ago·Reply
Very true! I definitely agree @alywoah @Jess2184 words can hurt just as bad
2 years ago·Reply
There is no difference because in one way or the other there is a form of abuse taking place. lf we attempt to define levels abuse, we are likely to unconsciously encourage one form of abuse.
2 years ago·Reply
Well said! I agree. They are one in the same @grapetoes2000
2 years ago·Reply