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Watch These Mother's Snoop Through Their Son's Phones

They say a mother's intuition is everything.

Well, technically she doesn't know and definitely hasn't seen it all. When it comes to our phones, we can be very protective. For whatever the case may be, letting others touch or go through your phone can warrant unwanted stress -- especially when that person going through your phone happens to be your mother. Fellas, half of you won't even let your girlfriends go through your phone -- so allowing the woman who birthed you, the right to scroll through your phone freely must take a lot of courage and bravery. Who knows what you hide behind that lock screen, but that's none of our business.
It's not everyday that your mom gets the opportunity to freely scroll through your text and check out your pictures. While most moms would probably pass out from seeing who knows what on their son's phone, others would try their best to hold it together and keep it cool because at the end of the day they happen to be grown men -- at least in their mind. To get a good laugh and pray you never see the day this happens to you, keep scrolling to see mother's go through their son's phones. If you have nothing to hide, this will be easy breezy -- if it went down in the DM's prepare for your mom to be embarrassed for life.

Would you let your mom go through your phone?

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I absolutely loved the mom who counted down! This video was hilarious. I wonder what people have to hide now lol it's a bit creepy, okay not really. My phone is just full of a bunch of selfies though 馃檲馃檲 @danidee
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I feel like they've basically become mini computers at this point, so whatever dudes would have in their computers, they could easily have on their phone too. Cough cough.
2 years agoReply
馃槀馃槀馃槴 lol I love the *cough cough* you added there on the end @danidee
2 years agoReply
Just being reaaaal. :D
2 years agoReply
I dig the realness lol @danidee
2 years agoReply