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So yesterday while browsing the amazing YouTube I decided to watch some JREKML reactions. I watched the reaction to WINNER Baby Baby then I ended up on WINNER's channel then I saw the covers and that was when I discovered the voice of an angel...Dean.
Am I the only one that gets upset about finding out an artist all late lol like no lie when I found out about KPOP I was like "What the hell have I been doing to keep me away from this magic?!" That was me last night when I was supposed to be sleeping.
His face looks like it was carved by angels!
This shows you how much I pay attention(I don't pay attention lol) to who produces the songs for some kpop groups. I mean the more I look up on this guy the list just gets longer on who he's produced for.
100% - Want U Back
VIXX - Light Up The Darkness, Voodoo Doll, Eternity
EXO - Black Pearl
John Park - U
f(x) - Pretty Girl
History - Hello
Madtown - Yolo, New World
UNIQ - Eoeo
EXO - Unfair
His songs are just so UGH I mean the beat of the songs are like WOW. THEY GIVE ME GOOSEBUMPS AND MAKE JRE BODY ROLL. Does anyone else listen to Dean? Has anyone been a fan longer than 9 hours?
Girl yes since his debut hehehe I love him gawd
I love dean! I'm constantly stalking YouTube and iTunes for his new singles to be uploaded lol
Oh yeah Dean is an angel. Even though you feel late, it's good you discovered him. He's absolutely amazing.
I found DEAN through kpopandblackwomen on tumblr...its been 5 month love affair ever since
I found out about him a couple of months ago but ever since winner released his cover of baby baby last week I've been obsessed with him again. I've been watching covers that he's done for the past ten minutes. Specifically of hotline bling and unfair
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