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Hmmm....I don't know why do guys, especially who's been a husband always say that their wife are "only" a house wife?? I mean u knw..being a house wife is not easy...u do many things but seem that u just stay at home and spend ur husband's money eissshhhh If u can't help her then just stop saying something that might hurt her heart... Respect ur Wife...ur woman..
A toast, to hardworking mothers, (and fathers) who stay to raise the children at home! Let this be a reminder to never take for granted those who maintain the home and hearth, be it parent and/or significant other!
This brought up some really great points. I'm glad @shannonl5 saw it! :)
@nicolejb mom too!!!i love her so much!!!馃槝馃槝馃槝
@istiyah @ShinigamiSan I'm hoping more and more people re-think what we value as 'work'. Just because someone isn't getting paid (or paid a lot) doesn't mean that what they're doing isn't valuable and important
@ShinigamiSan hmmm.....that sounds great
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